Banks saving rates % in Istanbul?

Hi 👋 guys I will move on to Istanbul next week .is any body have idea about saveing money in bank in Istanbul and which bank is better and do you how much the rates or advantage in %for that thank you


This is a very simple online calculator to show you the best and up-to-date rates offered by each banks operating in Turkey,

Mevduat Tutarı - Total amount you d like to invest. This is only valid for TRY not for other currencies. Suggest you to convert the original amount in TRY from a reliable source first.

Mevduat Süresi(Gün or Ay or Yıl) - Investment period ( Day or Month or Year)

En uygununun bul - Click this button to start searching when you filled up all the required fields above,

Here is an example for 25k TRY for 60 days(calculated it just now)

Yıllık Faiz Oranı: Annual Interest Rate
% 13,00
Net Getiri: Net Yield
454,11 ₺
Toplam Kazanç: Total Earnings at the end
25.454 ₺

If you click the button named "Detay" on the right side of each option, page will show you the numbers in a more detailed way(taxes, other rates etc.)

But if you ask me, you better be visiting branches by yourself considering the chances you may have face to face. All bank branches and branch managers have right to make some small arrangements on rates if needs be.

Hope this helps,

Hello 👋
Thank you so much for your help .now pls just inform  me which the best rate saving bank name in Istanbul .thank you advance

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