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hi. what document are required to open bank account. i ws on visit visa and applied for residency . got my residency permit application number. and tenecy agreement as well. which bank will u suggest.

Hi Hussains,

You would require your passport, a copy of your residence permit, Tax identification number, a proof of your address and a completed proof of signature form.

You would also need to ensure that you have around TL 18,000 equivalent of USD 6000 as a proof that you can sustain your self in Turkey.

Regarding banks, some of the top banks are Garanti bank, Yapı Kredi, Deniz and AK Bank. You can have your pick after reading about them online.

Hopefully this helps.
Good luck

i tried few banks . now banks are asking for resident permit to open an account. and to get resident permit we need bank acc. this s absolutely ridiclous....


This is something you will face often in Turkey. Most of the time it's messed up, no offence.

For me, my office had taken care of both.

Other than this, I would recommend staying away from any so called 'helping' individuals/ firms.

Good luck

It is very frustrating. In my experience opening an account with Isbank was the easiet and does not require monies to be kept in the account.
good luck :)

Hello; I am facing the same problem ... i have my tax number ( vergi num ) but they ask for my residence permit as a student in turkey the problem is i didnt get it yet .. they give me an appointment later :(
Does anyone know any bank that can give some help  about opening an account for students ?Also I tried to ask many banks they also need an official document showing my turkish address ... bad news i don't have one on my name!

Hi all,

I opened my Turkish account with yapikredi back in April, at the time all they required was tax number, my passport and my tenancy agreement. At the time I did not have my residency as I was still on my tourist visa.

I think sometimes it depends on who you get but from experience yapikredi deal with a lot more expats than most of the other banks and they offer a great service to us.

Hoping this may help some of you facing problems opening an account out here.


If you're opening a bank account for a residence permit, they won't care about your tenancy agreement. At minimum you will need a tax number, which is easy to get. You'll need to got to the Vergi Dairesi (Tax Office) and ask for a "vergi numrarası" (vehr-gee noo-mah-rah-suh), or tax number. You can get this with just a passport, and no fee is involved.

Some banks will tell you that you need a residence permit. Which makes no sense, because if you had a residence permit, you wouldn't need the bank account!  So if you hear this, you can go to another bank. Or, if you have already booked an appointment with the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM), where you get your residence permit, you can go early to the DGMM and get a Yabancı Kimlik Numarası (Foreigner Identification Number) and the bank should accept that.

Lately, the DGMM office in some cities have not asked foreigners for proof of financial support. Basically you just state in your online application that you can support yourself, and the DGMM then has the option to request proof. There's an article about proving your ability to support yourself in Turkey that may help, here: … oney-bank/

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