Competitive tennis teams and drills

Does Hamburg have tennis teams at different levels that compete against each other (not on a professional level but as a fun sport).  In my home city we have various tennis clubs that have teams that will compete against each other every week and then have a playoff at the end of every session.  This is for fun although people are serious about winning😜.  I was wondering if there is a similar program in Hamburg?

The answer is YES. Look at this website, it has a list of 90 tennis clubs in the Hamburg area shown on a map and there is a link to the site of each individual place.

How tournaments are organized is not so clear but there are over 37,000 players registered with the Hamburg Tennis Association making tennis is the third most popular sport in Hamburg.  Probably best to contact some local clubs and ask them about specific tournaments.

Lauren, I'm an Australian who just moved from Atlanta, your post made me smile. I gave up tennis 4 times a week when I moved here. 'Fun' tennis is taken very seriously in the ATL ;)

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