From Toronto to Hamburg, one week in!!!

It is almost a week into my new journey to Hamburg!  Now the hard part starts, trying to figure out how to meet friends, finding a job... and most importantly.... how to get over all these bureaucratic procedures!!! ( I thought getting a Visa would be the hard part!!)

Open to all suggestions and connections!!!



Hi Allison,

Since you could speak good English and french, I am sure there is better hope to stay and find friends at Hamburg. Hamburg, unlike other parts of Germany, is very tolerant to foreigners. There are several avenues to network here.
is the best website.
is another one.

Apart from these you could also figure many organizations especially for women here:

Interestingly, Hamburg boasts large french population. do look for french webpages. They often meet during weekends at some location in Hamburg.

Making friends with Germans is not an easy task unless you work at some place, or go for sport .. etc.. probably there might be some interesting groups at meet-up webpage. Some teach you german - for fun and pastime to a group of foreigners.

Hopefully, you feel at home in a short while,


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