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Good evening!
Im Satu from Finland. Me and my husband are considering strongly about moving in Iceland. This would be happening, hopefully, in two years time. Our main conserne is getting jobs that could support us living in Iceland. My husbands situation is more secured, his field of expertice is wanted surely (high class bartender). Im more worried about myself on jobmarkets. Im 37 years, worked 15 years in grosery shop as middlemanager. I speak good english but not iceland. How big obstacle is that finding work?

All jobs in shops need knowledge of local language... And Icelandic is very hard to learn. It's different from others scandinavian languages with declensions and no word from English or others european languages... But when you speak Finnish, that won't be very hard for you to learn Icelandic, because, the both look like on these grammatical points ;)

And what about other kind of job ?

alexisv94 :

And what about other kind of job ?

what kind of job are you looking for?

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