How can a stateless person obtain passport


My sister is a Filipino citizen and is currently working in Kuwait and has a stateless (without nationality / bidoon) boyfriend.

Is there any legal way how can a stateless person obtain a passport? He has been denied to get one  by the Kuwaiti Government. My sister will be coming back to the Philippines after she finishes her contract and her boyfriend wants to come along and stay in the Philippines for good.

Please help. Many thanks in advance.

He can marry you and get the citizenship or your country, Simple  :P

nileshtks :

He can marry you and get the citizenship or your country, Simple  :P

That sounds really easy, so perhaps you can post the basics for them to do this.
Also, does this require 5 years of marriage or other restrictions?

Dear Fred,

A foreigner can apply for citizenship if he stayed for 10 years in philippines, a man being married to a Filipino allow man to apply after 5 years instead. Under the law of Naturalization, a foreigner must take an oath and renounce his citizenship and leave his former nationality. His wife however can choose to be a citizen of this country or his country or both according to the Philippine Dual Citizenship Law.

This is what i know which i am not sure is 100% right. Better once to ask the embassy also or to any expert.


I believe you, but the bit about it being easy isn't accurate.
Apart from the major problem of the gentleman will have in getting to his destination without a passport, the waiting seems to be a minimum of five years and giving up your old citizenship .. er .. what citizenship?

The paperwork for someone stateless will be horrendous at best, impossible at worst.

Perhaps not quite so easy.

I agree with you, its not easy.
As he is bidoon and he don't have any citizenship, still if he marry Filipino he will get a travelling documents from Philippines embassy and he can travel.
About leaving the old citizenship, as he don't have any citizenship it will not be a condition.

As i told i am not the expert and i have shared only what i know, they have to check with the embassy. And anyways we all know that this kind of process and documentation are never easy so definitely they have to struggle for pre-formalities.


Agree. It is possible to get a travel document so he can travel. But he needs to start up to get a permit to stay. The "easiest " way is by marriage but he needs to be  patience too.
Depending on the law he must wait at least five years before he can apply a citizenship and thus a passport.
The best is to contact the immigration or the nearest embassy.

Here's the thing tho; some"stateless" persons are not stateless at all; they merely wish to obtain Kuwait citizenship as it trumps whatever citizenship they currently possess - be it Iraqi, Syrian, Iranian or Saudi.

if shes known him long, she should ask him if he does have a passport, some destroy em upon entry to Kuwait in order to help their case.

now im not generalizing, but i've heard stories.

Out of topic , but does Kuwait Naturalize expats ?
Rarely ?
Often ?
Never :D ?

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