Advice for a newbie.

Hi all,

All going well I am due to move out to Jeddah at the beginning of October and I have a couple of questions which I need your help with.

1) Mobile phone - should I take my own iPhone and buy a SIM card out there?

2) What are the best and free ways to communicate with the U.K.? Skype etc as I've read somewhere face time has been blocked.

3) Is there anything I should bring with me that's not readily available in Saudi?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Davidmunro, you are most welcome here in Jeddah, KSA. Regarding your questions, I'll have them answered below:

1) Mobile phone: You can get your mobile phone here and purchase a Local sim here by using your Passport at the airport.

2) Communication to UK can be via Voip Applications (eg: Mobile Voip, Voip Discount), Skype, Hangouts, Facetime, Duo. Apple's Facetime isnt blocked here but some official retails shops sell IPhones without facetime and majority of the private ones sell it with facetime. However Whatsapp and Viber calling is banned.

3) About things you should bring: There is almost everything you can find here in Malls and Hypermarkets (Danube, Hyperpanda, Carrefour, Bin Dawood) except for your Teddy Bear in case your used to :-) (I'm kidding)

Jeddah has lots of activities going on and teh best thing about Jeddah is teh majority of Expats living here. Ppl are friendly and calm and would be ready to help you anytime, anywhere.

If you need any help/ want to know more about this place, dont hesistate to PM me.

~DJ Spinz

Thank you very much for your reply.

I'm looking forward to my move but leaving family back home so my priority is keeping in touch with them, obviously as cheap as I can!!!! Lol



Hi David

Totally agree with DJ, you can find most of the things you need here...

Been in jeddah for about 5 years, it took us quite some time to figure things out, specially with the language barrier, but overall, we enjoy our stay here, with a much more relaxed ambience, at home and at work...

Lately, i've been using google translate to help me communicate... it works quite well.

Dont worry about your phone, either bring your old one or get a new one when you get here, ... like what he said, they sell sim cards as soon as you step out of the immigration at the airport.

Good Luck



Thanks for that.

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