St julians Area

Hello....I am visiting Malta this week for a short visit and I am thinking about staying in this area however someone said that as it is near Peaceville (I think) it could be this true?

I am travelling alone therefore I have to be aware of my personal security.
Also any suggestions to make the most of my visit re trips entertaiment etc?

I am also interested in meeting other expats (from any country) to exchange views etc .....  have a coffee or from what I've heard about the heat maybe a cold drink would be better!

Hope to hear from someone living on the island......thanks.....Jimmy

Hi I been living at that area for two weeks and didn't see any dangerous thing, policemen will walk through the area during weekend nights, young people go to Hugo Bar for night party and they will get drunk but all I saw were friendly people and students.

I went to Hugo bar twice and left at 1am or 2am with my assistant, other guys may stay till 8 am !

Anyway if you don't go out in midnight things will be fine I think.

No, it's not dangerous.  Paceville has got a bad name in the evening because of the nightclubs, so stay away and you'll be fine. Most of the trouble seems to be early morning coming from party goers coming from Paceville towards the St George's beach area, but St Julian's is safe. It's just really that one area that I'd avoid at night, it's easy to avoid though.

Hi tartanjimmy, take by the name you're Scottish, what dates you over for? I live in the south, so couldn't really comment on what it's like staying in St Julians area. But it is a luvly island, and locals are very friendly. Would you be over for the Malta v Scotland match by any chance?

Hello JBlack....thanks for your message it is greatly appreciated....yes I am over for the match but also to see the island etc. I am arriving on the 1st Spt. and leaving on 5th Spt....thanks again!

Hi Again tartanjimmy, should be a good match, I'm going myself and wife going too. Still got a couple spare tickets to use but sure I'll find someone who wants them. As for places to go/see, depends what interests you. Valetta is a must I'd say, can easily get a local bus, your hotel would tell you which no. Public transport cheap here but busy. From Valetta could catch ferry to the Three Cities, ferry is well signposted, there you could see the Grand Marina, mega money yaughts, also The Malta at War museum. The Malta Experience in Valetta also gives lot of insight into the island history. You can info on any of those and more from any tourist info centre, or your hotel would probably have all leaflets. If you decide on three cities, give me let me know, I'm down that area, could meet for a cold one. In any way hope you enjoy your stay.

Hello jblack....thanks for all your information thats great and as I am in Malta for a few days I will visit 3 cities.....yes we could meet up for a cold drink.....if you wish you can send me a private message (or on the open forum) and we could meet up at a convenient time and place for you.I arrive on late Thursday.
'Speak soon' and thanks again

If you wish to stay in St Julians, but not near to Paceville (I imagine sleeping would be difficult with the clubs etc) Try to find somewhere between Spinola bay and Balluta bay. Quieter, although still touristy noise and no real distance. Easy access to St Julians/Paceville/Sliema

Now this slightly concerns me!  Son has been offered a job at casino at Portomaso which is in Paceville - obviously he'll be working night shifts so needs to sleep during the day - is it noisy in Portomaso area too?

Whilst writing, could anyone give me a very rough idea of how much utilities would cost for a 1 bedroom flat in the area please?  I've googled but found conflicting figures.  His salary is pretty poor for the job he does (same in the UK tbh) so after rent and food and utilities, I would want him to have some spare so he can have a life - otherwise it's hardly worth moving out there!

Lindylou- tell your son to tell the house owner up front he intends to pay the residential utilities fee, not domestic. It's a long story but if you research it you'll get an idea of the whole thing and the rigmarole people have gone through with it. I would think utilities on a one bedroom shouldn't be more than €30 a month but others could comment better on that.

Thank you! I'll get him to look into that! Might be back soon to pick more brains - hope you don't mind!

Search 'Up In Arms' Malta and you'll get the info. It took me 3 months to sort out our bill and my mum is the owner of the flat I live in! 🙄

We have come to retire in Malta and find it a wonderfully safe place.  Ok maybe there are a few people in Paceville who have a few too many on a weekend, but I love the great eclectic mix in Malta and of course ...Paceville is mainly for the young. There is so much to see, so plan your week carefully. For an relaxing evening you can't beat the area of Spinola, Balluta and Sliema.  Just stroll around the bays and soak up the atmosphere.  Lots of good restaurants, cafes and bars or just sit in Balluta gardens at the Kiosk and watch the world go by.  By the way...good luck with the buses as they get very full in this area as it is mid route.  Have a great holiday, tartanjimmy.

see my reply on main list....just getting used to this website !!

Hello Jimmy, If we'd have known we could have picked you up from airport. Would you like to come out for a drink with my husband and myself or have a lift anywhere ? If not,  hope you have a very enjoyable time in Malta.  You will !!

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