Average Salary - Moving to Malta as a Game Designer iGaming


I have just joined the forum, I really hope you could help me get an insight regarding Malta and the average salaries.

I'm going to be applying for some Graphic Designer/Artist jobs (based in Malta) in the near but wanted to get an idea of salaries.
I understand the cost of living in Malta (compared to the UK) is a lot cheaper, the wages also reflect this.
I was wondering if anyone could give a guide for salaries for iGaming, video or mobile gaming companies salaries, on the Art/Design side of things.
I'm currently earning just under 30k in the UK, would this salary be possible in Malta?

Hope you can help.

Many thanks

There seems to be very little information on actual numbers, mainly because it varies a lot between companies. I would love people to put a company and job title with a salary, from what the know so we can get a better idea - I'm looking at a multi-language job (nightshifts) for Pokerstars, but I can't even figure out if it's worth my time applying.

I'd it's probably hard to match numbers you would get in the UK, on the other hand living is a fair bit cheaper in Malta from what I've read. Igaming seems to be the top sector for pay on the island, though.


Thank you for the reply. Yes for such a large industry on the island there doesn't seem to be much info out there.
I have read that the average salary is 17-22k euros. But I was hoping that iGaming/Graphic design/game artist would be higher.
All the best with your career, I hope you get what you want.


Dorieus, you can actually find out a lot of salaries by doing some internet research :) many recruiters these days state salary ranges and some companies even post them directly in the job ad, such as PokerStars.

A customer service agent (German) on a night shift earns €23,641 (+night shift allowance of €1,000. Increases to €2,500 after 6 months. Most content roles e.g. translator, copywriter, etc. are between 25-30k (e.g. with Betsson). Account manager roles vary a lot, in FinServ/FinTech anything from 35-45k is possible plus commission, gaming usually 30-40k. Analytical roles, such as Data Analyst or Fraud Strategy Analyst depending on how strategic and senior they are go for 25-35k (Mr Green, Betfair, etc.).

Expect Fraud and Risk Analyst roles to be between 25-30k depending on experience (e.g. Cherry casino).

I had done research, but I could only find numbers for other countries on places like Glassdoor. That's great information though, thanks a lot!

No worries :) Glassdoor is not very good for Malta, most companies are missing and hardly any salaries listed, just a few reviews and interviews. Recruiters like Konnekt list quite a few salary ranges for their roles, so maybe have a look there as well.

Hi, thank you blackangelheart. That is great information.
I'm hoping to get a similar job to what I have in the UK (2d/3d graphics, design, artist) at a iGaming company.
So I will search around on these sites for the info.
Thank you

hi when you are talking about salary, is it yearly or monthly?

qzheng7483 :

hi when you are talking about salary, is it yearly or monthly?

when you see 2 digits follows by a "k" this means yearly ... unless you're a poltician or working in other organized crime sector  :D

thanks haha I was so scared that I thought monthly income was so high in Europe !

Will be able to save from 40k post my expenses in Malta?

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