Student residing in Canada needs info about Jeddah


I am an engineering student, residing and studying in Canada, however I was born and raised in Jeddah and my family lives here too. I am currently in jeddah for a short vacation for about less than 20 days. Anyways I have a few questions, which if could be answered by any member or person, I will be grateful.

1) I used to have Saudi drivers license, however I stopped renewing it once I obtained my Canadian drivers license. Thereby, can I still drive my younger brother's / father's car whenever I am visiting here in Jeddah, Ps. I have valid iqama but no insurance.

2) Totally different topic, but is it easy to get an internship job in engineering for undergraduate students here in jeddah.!? If, yes then how much would be the pay range? Like for example engr internships in Canada pays, on average, 20k CAD which is about 60000 SAR for a period of 4 months.

3) Well, thirdly, I am planning to dispose my Iqama / residency permit and Saudi Visa since I no longer see the point in renewing it any further. Therefore, I am wondering if I would easily get approved to obtain a visit visa from Canada to visit my parents here in Jeddah. Ps. I am a citizen of Bangladesh and I heard rumors about certain double standards being applied on that occasion. If so, then I would probably not dispose my Iqama off.

Thank you. Your answers would really help me out. Much gratitude. God bless.


1) No you cannot legally drive it.
2) You can try but better off doing it in Canada, chances are very slim though.
3) If your father meets the requirements you can get visit visa

1- Why don't you renew your driving license? A nominal fee you have to pay for 10 years for example. Keep it for 'just in case'.

2- Fat chance as @hamudi said too.

3- With the new exit re-entry charges getting in effect from October, I think you'll have to seriously consider disposing your Iqama. If you are 18+ of age, visit visa won't come for you easily. By the way, visit visas have to be applied from KSA; not from anywhere else.

Thanks, appreciate it guys. Shall follow.. :)

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