Maternity Packges in Oman, Muscat

I wanna know maternity packages in muscat.. its difficult to go to different hospitals and clinics..
so i need help about selecting a good hospital for maternity..
for Asians
affordable and with experienced gynacologist
share your experience and stories of giving birth in Oman

Hi Sahar Jawad,

For delivery, the clinic / hospital which is closest to the place of residence and is considered to be amongst the best of the lot, usually gets selected for obvious reasons of convenience.

Even if some clinic / hospital is offering really low prices, what is the use if they are located in the other end of town ? It just wouldn't make sense to travel long distances across town during advanced stages of pregnancy. More so, when one is rushing for delivery, with the pangs of labour pains.

Thanks for your suggestion
But i still want details

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