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Hi...I am from Namibia and my husband and I (with our 5 year old daughter) are looking to move to Mauritius soon. We are trying to figure out a budget for living there. Can anybody assist with current costs eg. Electricity,water,private schools, medical insurance for a family of three etc..
Any info will be much appreciated.

Hi Amostorbeck
I went through this exercise recently, so happy to share with you.
Assuming you want to rent a small house for your family reasonably close to the center of the island, the purchase cost of your car is not included, and you won't run an air-conditioner, here are my estimates (developed with the help of 5 friends in Mauritius):

Rent: US$950
Food: US$500
Private School: $800
Gasoline: $200
Health Insurance: $100
Electricity/Water/Internet: $200

Thank you very much. Much appreciated. Is there any pilots that work for Air Mauritius on this forum?

Hello Amostorbeck,
Budget will depend on many factors (type of house and location in Mauritius; type of school & location; your life style... etc).   You will find it difficult to live here (family with one kid) without min Rs60,000+/monthly. Check other forum topics, I am sure cost of living details have already been discussed and you may find info, if you search a bit.  However, do not hesitate to post again, should you need further guidance; normally people are open to share their experience and wish to help.
All the best to your family.

Hi Amostorbeck,
It depends on your lifestyle,As per my research the below is the list of expenditure ,
Rent-12000 to 20000 MUR
Car rental-18000 MUR
Gasoline -4000MUR
Food per head-3000MUR
Electric /gas/Internet-5000MUR
Insurance -3000MUR

Plz tell me about calling facilities and charges to india

Hello Paul,
Is these expenses per month? Sorry I do not have any idea. I m new here :)


Yes per month.

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