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Am from India and am in touch with a mauritius company for a job opening.The toughest thing for me is to how much salary i need to negotiate.

As i would be on a contract i can't ask for salary increase later.

can any one tell me what is the minimum salary a software engineer gets in mauritius. do they pay on monthly basis or worked hours basis.

i have already gone through few threads but they are old.

I want to know how much i need to spend per month on
2)room rent

Thanks in Advance


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If you will need an occupation permit then the company will have to pay you at least 45,000 rupees per month as a salary. 

What type/level position are you interviewing for and how much experience do you have?  Most Mauritians will not be paid this much unless they are very very good and have many years experience.

Housing costs are highly variable and will be at least 5,000 rupees per month.

Transportation on a bus will depend on how many buses you will need to take to get to and from work.  The cost of bus fare is typically about 25 to 35 rupees per bus ride.  The number of buses you may need to take will depend on where you live and where your job is.

Your employer is required to either pay you for the equivalent bus fare or provide you with transportation (taxi or van pick up). 

A scooter can be bought for about 30,000 rupees for a very basic model or can be rented for about 3,000 - 5,000 rupees per month.

A small car that is new can be purchased for about 500,000 - 650,000 rupees.  A 5-10 year old car can be rented for 10,000 - 15,000 rupees per month.  Fuel will costs will be about 5,000 rupees per month.

Housing will cost at least 5,000 rupees per month for a very small apartment.

Hi thanks for the reply.

i have 4.6 years experience in software testing.

would you like to share which company are you negotiating .. may be that way sm1 can guide you better ...



I would say with your experience you should be looking for upwards of 50,000 to 70,000 MUR per month.. Cost of Living is atleast 1.5times to twice that of India (depending on which part you are from).

housing here is most of the time fully furnished including electronic home appliances and a decent 2 bedroom accommodation will cost you about 10K if you are looking at good areas which are well connected such as Quatre bornes, Curepire and Rosehill.

If you are going to be here for more than a year, and like travelling, I would suggest buying a second hand car for about 170- 200k MUR (preferably Japenese, i.e Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi) as buses can be a little unreliable and the service is very low after 7pm.
fuel will cost you b/w 2k to 3k depending on how far you stay from home.

Food costs depend on whether you would eat out, type of hotels you want to eat in or if you cook/hire a maid to cook.
Normal costs for food are between 100 to 150 MUR during weekdays, and about 500 MUR during weekends (if you go out)
The pricing in MUR is more or less like eating in above average Indian restaurants in terms of Rupees ( like if u spend 500 Rs in decent Indian restaurant, a similar Mauritian restaurant will cost 500 MUR)You have a fair deal of Indian restaurants and Mauritian Cuisine is close to Indian.

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one problem here in Mauritius is that nobody offers any courses here, so that you can be taught in new technologies. For such courses you have to go abroad (South Africa, India, Europe, you name it...) and this turns into a quite expensive adventure if you have to pay it. So ensure that your contract contains a passage in which your employer agrees in paying this kind of courses in total(!) ... otherwise you will loose the contact to the IT development quite fast... with all consequences.

Good luck , Joe

thanks everyone for your was very useful and helpful.

Hi , i am staying in mauritius since last 6 year , my borther is computer engineer having 2.5 year experience in web designing in india, looking for a job in mauritius. please anybody can help me. thanks

I have my final interview for a job as a software engineer with a company in Mauritius. I'll have to discuss salary requirements in this final interview. I have about 7 years of experience and will be moving from the US. I make a nice salary in the U.S. (about USD100K) but I really want to work in Africa. They offer 13 month pay, subsidize internet access, offer health insurance, cover 24 hour accident, parental leave, etc. How much will be a salary I will not regret the move. I know I won't make as much but at least I will want to save a good portion of what I make.

etazman, what is your technical speciality ? (I am just curious)

Thanks for the reply Julien!
Java and SQL. But primarily Java


I would like to know the salary in USD which an IT ERP professional with 6 years of experience should expect in Mauritius.


salaries in Maurice range between 45-70K MRU/Month depending on experience for software professionals in technical role eg. network engineers, SAP implementers, Programmers, DB developers etc..

Descent accommodation in Center of Island (Qbornes,Rhill,Curepipe) will cost minimum 10 K

Food and households depends on usage but for an individual at an average of 10 K if you are not frequent restaurant visitor.

Transport --better buy a second hand car, a descent one will cost around 300- 400 K, prefer japansese model due to resale value.

Fuel expenses around 4K.

Please How much do you negociate your salary definitively

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Hello all, a very professional developer, but find it hard to secure a job even an internship in an I.T firm, can anyone link me up, or his there a protocol am not following?

Have you looked on the job websites MyJob and Career Hub.

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