Jogging group to set up whatsapp group - Boost your Health!

i am thinking to set up a group on whatsapp for jogging 2 to 3 times a week for (30 - 40) min

this group is to improve motivation for all of us to jog as group rather than doing sports alone.

in this group will set the location and timing for jogging so we have a bigger community to motivate each other.

the group could have different people in different location in Riyadh and we might have some members who will run in different location as the main purpose is to develop the community to increase motivation.

if you are interested, please send me your whatsapp number on private message as it is not allowed to send numbers on this forum and i will add you.

PM sent.

i stated to receive some contacts! i will host the group by end of this week so i can gather everyone!

welcome all to this group! motivation is the key to boost success!

god bless!

PM sent.

we are now 5 members and we will start this week the activities. it is great opp for those who are looking to develop fitness and lose weight!

Thanks for your interest. the issue is that we run in public and for women to join is a bit difficult to do in Riyadh i am afraid but if you know we can do it in a compound that has a good space to do it, i do not mind as i can bring my wife too as she would love to join me but she can not in public :)

we are flexible and welcome all pro active individuals!

thanks for raising the interest!

Try it may be what you are looking for!

thanks Martin!

it is a great link!


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