Getting married Indian Muslim man I'm a filipina

Hi I'm new in here wish I can find answer for all the questions that bothering me now. My fiance and I are planning to get married here this coming September 2, 2016. My sponsor already said no problem, but I'm thinking about my fiance because his iqama was already expired at that time, what should we do? And what are the process and papers to be prepared, where to go and how? I'm already converted to muslim what would be our first move. Please answer me as soon as possible before my fiance send back in India with his company in the airport of dammam.. Ohh anyway he is in dammam I'm in Riyadh but he said he well come in riyadh

if you mean his iqama will expire and they will not renew his iqama, you only have the option to get married before this happen or he finds another sponsor to transfer his iqama if the sponsor allows that.

Yeahh you right but can you answer all my question but thank for your opinion

if you mean about getting married legally in court, i can check for you if this what you mean. if you are specific please in your questions, ask me and i will help


Of course I'm talking about legal marriage Sir fadil

i asked a solicitor my friend in riyadh

he said you need to call your embassy as they have a regulation for that so either you can do it there so your country can confirm your marriage legally so you have no issue

or if you want to go to the court in saudi arabia, your father needs to make power of attorney to your embassy to give them the right to approve your marriage as you know in islam it should be the person who is responsible like the dad or other if the dad is not alive.

then they can do that on his behalf and you can get marrived in a local court.

in all cases, please refer to your embassy as i am sure they have many cases like that

good luck to your marriage!

Thank you sir..I already did..and I already contact my family in Philippines to get me a none marriage certificate.. By the he way sir for example this marriage well be successful in God's grace is it necessary that my sponsorship well be transferred to my husband? Because I read some issues like that the wife cannot continue working what well happen for my contract in my sponsor

if you want to continue working, it is ok to keep your sponsor with the current company that you are and you do not have to switch it to him.

there is a law that was recently released about wives who can work and this is acceptable by labour ministry but i am not too sure about.

Ahhh ok..sir thank you so much for answering all my questions and giving ideas.

my pleasure!

good luck and i wish you all the best!

god bless!

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