Malta Nightlife

Myself and a friend were over in Malta in July - on a few nights we went out and struggled to find any bars/pubs/clubs with people in and around our own age (both 30).

Now we only really went out for night life in Paceville and St Julians - so maybe that is where we went wrong?

The plan is to move over there in September along with a couple of other friends and I'd just like to know what the nightlife is like for guys like ourselves - planning on moving to somewhere like Sliema, Gzira.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I was there this summer again as well, and was told to keep out of Paceville.  Unless you like that type of crowd where you are gonna fight and get into trouble?

This summer did not show alot of people really... i'm not sure why, maybe everyone is too afraid to travel?  But honestly i did not see many locals during the day either since they are all hiding away at home from the sun.  But i was told that St.Julians and the nightlife ends around 22h, but someone who lives there permanently needs to answer you this as i dont care for that.

I'm not sure how the nightlife is out of season... most people i saw were close friends having BBQ on the beaches.  Seems more relaxed... if you and your friends want a small island to go party at then Cyprus or Ibiza is your place.

Thanks Cowboy - but Malta is definitely where we are moving to

Anyone have any advice?  :)

I just moved to Malta (08/16) and I believe the nightlife for our group age is more Valletta.

HI, I moved out to Malta a few months ago so have plenty to explore still but Valletta is where I spend most my time, there are frequently events on, live music and nice quite bars/restaurants.

I have only been to Paceville once but it is certainly a younger more lively crowd where the clubs are found.

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