Live music in Malta

Hi everyone

What's the live music scene like in Malta? Can anyone recommend any good places to go?

I'd imagine there will be house and guest bands in some of the hotels and bars- any decent ones?

Do the local band clubs just play at festas or do they do concerts too?

Has anyone come across a Big Band or jazz band doing gigs? If not, do you think there would be appetite for one (hubby and I are brass players in our spare time)?

Thanks as always

Most hotels will have music on  plus nearly every big town has at least one brass band (legacy of the British military) .

This site gives some information about whats on.... … /music.htm

or this site...

or this


Who would go to a hotel bar for live music? Must be the places with the dullest music around ... (That or live music in restaurants ... jaqq ....)

There is a small but lively music scene here, lots of young kids playing jazz now too (some of it pretty crazy). It's not many people, maybe 50 in all, but they gig a lot. Places such as Django in Valletta and Electro Lobster Project in St Julian's host regular gigs, and then also wine bars etc. Bridge Bar in Valletta every Friday in summer, open air, but it's more a place to hang out with a crowd, nobody listens to the music. Haven't see any big bands, a bit hard logistics wise, except at the Malta Jazz Festival in July (world class festival yet very affordable).

Rock and indie too, in the same places as mentioned above, or Razzett l-Ahmar, Buskett Roadhouse for bigger events. Earth Garden (early June) and Farsons Beer Festival (July) are some of the biggest festivals, together with the Street Art Festival in Sliema and Valletta. Reggae in Zion (M'skala).

The band clubs and brass bands is more a festa thing, but fun.

Oh, and if by any chance you and your husband are into afrobeat, let me know, i'm trying to start a project and we need brass players :)

Ahh yes who would go to those places that play only music from the "dull" old days of the 60's and 70's, after all in those days you could even hear the lyrics!


Well I will admit I don't know what afrobeat is, but will look it up! We're always interested in musical opportunities.

I love music from all different genres and eras, but would really love to put together a swing band playing a mix of Glenn Miller and rat pack type music. Just good classic music that people of different ages and backgrounds recognise and enjoy. A project for a later day probably!

tearnet I too enjoy a decent function band playing classics in hotels etc, there HAS to be a good singer though.

nilonilonilo thanks for the recommendations, definitely some places for us to catch some more modern music. Appreciate you taking the time to reply :)

Especially in summer you'll find live music everywhere ... outside  :)
You have to keep in mind, that everything here is in much smaller scale than everywhere else since potential audience is limited.
Apart from the "big" music festivals (Classical Music Festival, Jazz Festival, Isle of MTV, Metal Fest, Groove Fest, Rock the South, Earth Garden, Farson Beer Festival etc.) after some time you'll find your favourite pubs with weekly live music - depending on the music style you like.

Websites only show part of the events going on, but you'll find everything on FB.

Thanks! Can't wait to get over there and start exploring! We'll be making our local band hall a first stop to meet our neighbours etc and I'm sure they'll have tips on places to go. Small scale is good for me, I'm not a big fan of crowds any more. A bar with someone decent on piano or guitar etc is better :)

8 weeks to go...!

felinefine81 :

A bar with someone decent on piano or guitar etc is better :)

You'll find plenty of them here in Malta ... and most of them advertise the gigs on their FB page only.
I've created my own "Interest List" on FB with at the moment more than 50 bars, pubs and other locations to receive info about what's going on.

btw, today evening the weekly "Jazz under the Bridge" event takes place :-)

Jazz Under The Bridge sounds good- where is that held?

in Valletta at the Bridge Bar

Brilliant, thanks again :)

If you like Jazz you should not miss the Jazz Festival end of July !

Oh fantastic, that starts a few days after we arrive! Plus I have two weeks off before I start my job. So we can take some time out from hunting for accommodation and head into Valletta for music and wine!

Great news, thanks :)

Valletta... i agree. I used to live there. There was a band playing in front of my window every Friday and Saturday all summer. Not so cool if you actually live there.

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