where to play table tennis in Malta

do you know a location in Malta, where I could play table tennis ? maybe a hotel ... ?

Google shows several places. A good start might be the MTTA at

thanks Ray, I already contact them yesterday and they sent me a list with tennis clubs around Malta. I'll see if I could book a table on these clubs.... although seems to be professional clubs , not sure if they will book a table for leisure ..occasional play.

I have the same question, where is possible to book a table and play.
Dan, can I ask you what did you find since your post?

hi,  I found at Westin Dragonara - 10Euro/hour
and also some table tennis club Hitt Academy Valetta, but they offer only training sessions.  65Euro/3 months , once per week. but you cannot book a table, for leisure..

and the last one, is free...I found it in a playground..Naxxar . looks good , but it's outside: natural light, natural wind. :)...

Hey, thanks a lot, it helps! I found a playground too, in Qormi, if its closer to you, the wind is the real problem, this island never without it.

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