English speaking plumber

does any one know  English speaking  plumber . need to install a new Boiler . appreciate any info. thanks

Hello addde :cheers:

While waiting for members to tip in, you could try contacting this company recommended in our business directory :

> Plumbers in Budapest


You might have more success contacting a local translator to help you, since the best plumbers need not speak English: … erpreters/

I live in Paris and I have had enormous problems with the refurbishment of my house.
Would anyone knows a Qualified Plumber and A Qualified Carpenter, who would like to come and work in France, Paris, for 4 to 5 weeks?
i offer 250 euros per week, you could stay in the house.. which is truly beautiful and hopefully complete my unfinished house.  I can send all required pictures and further information.
I need TOTALLY QUALIFIED BUILDERS, and not any one..
Any builders helping, i could assist them both in Paris and London, for further work.
please email me to xxx if you can help
i desperately need two qualified people to take the flight with their tools in their suitcases if possible.
please if you can help drop me a line\thanks

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Hi Nicolasmartin,

Could you please drop a vacancy advert in the Jobs in Budapest section of the website ?

It will be more convenient for suitable members to contact you afterwards.

Thanks in advance,

nicolasmartin :

Would anyone knows a Qualified Plumber and A Qualified Carpenter, who would like to come and work in France, Paris, for 4 to 5 weeks?
i offer 250 euros per week

Current average monthly gross income in Hungary is about 1000 EUR.

Even Hungarian plumbers, like plumbers everywhere, can make more than the average gross monthly income.

Not to mention you said nothing about travel costs, or added per diem (i.e. food costs) for working abroad, or VAT. A real "qualified builder" will have a business, and should charge you VAT, and if they go dark on VAT, then how can you be sure they are being honest about their building skills as well? So you should be clear if 50 Euro a day is the total all inclusive payment or not. And if it is, that really is a very, very low rate if you expect a "totally qualified" professional. In the end, you will get what you pay for.

And as for the term "builder"; that is somewhat non-descriptive. There is a difference skill set between a trained professional mason, framer, tiler, painter, etc.

Wow, we paid my BIL's airfare from Hungary to Cal in the early 1980's to work on our house. We also paid all 100% of all his expenses while with us( he had a $40. a day drinking and smoking habit) plus we paid him cash $10. an hour for his work.
We also paid for trips to SF, San Diego, Disneyland, Las Vegas and all of his stamps for mail. He never spent a penny on anything for 2 months time. All meals, all drinks, all cigs all gas everything was covered by us.
I would of loved to have paid him only 250 Euros a week, dam I was a sucker!!!
Not even sure he was "qualified" but he did have contract work in the old commie days to work in Russia doing tile and concrete works, hope their bridges are still standing.

Was thinking that maybe one of your neighbors might know of a person to help out with the plumbing.
Someone in the house must of had need of a plumber at some point.
Maybe you can put up a message in the common area and ask if anyone can help out?
We spoke to our neighbor when we wanted to put up our new water heater in the bathroom, he called another neighbor who's son worked as a assistant to a plumber. The young man came over with one of his friends and between my husband and those 2 guys they put it up without too much hassle. We paid them something like $50. for their time, was less then one hour, don't forget in HUngary after the job is done it is ok to offer the worker a drink, a beer or a shot.

Good qualified plumbers,  carpenters and electricians, are like gold dust in this town.  Budapest seems to be having a boom in refurbishment now and although I have had some good quotations for my bathroom refurbishment it is then difficult to get starting dates arranged. So join the queue.


Try it!



I have just kicked off my small-enterprise. My former profession is heating mechanic. I can undertake small-scale repairs (with reconstructions...) in Budapest area.


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