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My name is Joseph. I have relocated here to Budapest, Hungary, to be with my fiancee. We would like to be married as soon as possible. Has anyone had experience with this process? I will take pertinent documents to a Hungarian Authority for a certified translation from English to Hungarian and I am concerned that perhaps the translation they give will not be correct and that in turn, this will cause more delay in the whole process...not to mention more money as well. Additionally, I need to apply for a residence card once married, and I will definitely need an extension of time to stay here in Hungary in order to have sufficient time to close these matters successfully. Any advice or experience regarding these matters is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time :)


As a US Citizen, you have an automatic visa to be in or travel in all Schengen countries, including Hungary, for up to 90 days in any 180 period. If you go beyond that time you can be banned from Schengen Europe for 2 years. To extend your stay you either have to get a Schengen visa extension before your 90 days are up, or you have to get a Fiancé visa for yourself. Often you have to apply for the Fiancé visa from your home country. But you need to contact the Hungarian immigration office for details and what you need to do in your case and what, if any, extensions or additional visas you can acquire here in Hungary. They will deal with your case based on its details and merits.

Translations must be done by the official translation office. Have your Fiancée check the translations for accuracy if you are concerned. If they cost more to make corrections, that is just the way it goes.

Thank You so much for your help...I really appreciate it :)  I can't wait to get through all of this so I can just have some peace.
Be well...and thanks again :)

My dual citizen son ( HU/USA) met and married a HU women about 15 years back here in Hungary.
He didn't have any immigration issues because he is a HU citizen but to get married in Hungary they both had to prove they were not still married anyone else. Not even sure how one could go about doing that,it also took months to get a appointment for a civil wedding and to book a church, his wife insisted on having 2 weddings and 2 hand made wedding dresses... Of course he was expected to pay for everything since her father had passed away and her wealthy mom was a penny pincher.
It took a long while to get a church booking because he first needed lessons in Catholic customs, we were and are not practicing any religion  so he needed to pay and attended classes with his wife also needed to take marriage classes through the church.
All in all it could take months to get married here.
Can't really be in a rush.
He has since divorced his HU wife in the US and has sent me papers proving he is legally divorced from her, my next job is to figure out where to begin to have his divorced filed in Hungary. He has remarried a Japanese national and would like her to visit HUngary but afraid his lack of filing his divorce could put him in hot water here.
I know he is still considered as married in Hungary to his former wife, I was told he was married when they looked up my name in the immigration offices in Budapest. They make it rather hard to get married and harder to get free.

Thank You so much for sharing all of this with me :) And yes, things can be quite difficult here in Hungary, but...I do love it here. I wish your son the best...he reminds me of me a bit :) I wish You all the best as well Marilyn...without knowing you, seems your son is quite fortunate to have you for a mother :) Be well...


Thanks, he is my second love after my husband, would do anything for either of them. Good luck to you .Sometimes men can be more romantic then women are. Our son loves his "foreign" women, never ever had a American lady in his life ever and he is really a born American, loves his mystery brides...

All this info can be found online, via the Hungarian and American embassy webpages, or just a google search, I'm sure you're on top of it by now.
My advice:
Just be aware that you will need to make an appointment with the US embassy to get a signed document that you are not married to anyone else (free to marry).  It cost $50 when I got mine 4 years ago, and it only last SIX MONTHS.  So I recommend you make the other arrangements first, then get the free-to-marry statement only within 6 months of your planned marriage.  I didn't know this until after I paid, then realized the wedding I planned for a year later had to be moved up 6 months.  It was a rush I didn't need, and ended up doing the legal (civil ceremony) 6 months before the actual wedding.

Hopefully your fiancee will be able to help you navigate the Hungarian web of overcharge that is a marriage license.  The only problem I remember having with the translation was that the marriage license has headings in HU, English, and French, so it didn't need translated for getting a visa back to the US.  EXCEPT in the "notes" section where they noted that our future children would carry his last name - only in Hungarian.  Because of that, we had to get the whole document translated ($$$).  Not sure if that's avoidable, but maybe ask at the polgarmester if they can put it in English while they're at it!

And weddings are expensive and people will cheat you if you don't get all agreements in writing.  If you've got a big budget, go for it.  If you have minimal income, be very very careful (and get married on a Thursday - it was free in the 11th district, 30,000 HUF for a Saturday!  :D )

I'm hungarian male my wife is from Kenya. It was easy to arrange the marriage. I went to lawer and he filled all apers for a moderate price. Better doing with lawer. If the fiancee foreigner will be more qiuckly As opposed to

Good Day,

I have been trying to contact the Republic Embassy of Hungary in Pretoria, I do understand that their communications have been down due to lightning strike.

I am really concerned about my long stay visa “D” application.

Just some background history, I have been to Hungary twice before as my fiancé is Hungarian and resides in Hungary so I am familiar with the Application process but my enquires are about the long stay Visa for a period longer than 90 days as well as the process we will have to follow for proceeding with a wedding. (we have been together for approximately 4 Years)

•         On the website it states that if I stay longer than 90 days I would require to apply for Residential Visa “D” I am really not sure what is meant by this as there is not much information or application form to fill in for such a visa. (

•         I am planning on stay in Hungary for one (1) year and I need to know how to go about applying for the “Long Stay” Visa. Is it okay if I have an invitation letter stating that I will be living in Hungary for a certain period with accommodation and financial aid been provided?

•         If that’s the case part of the application is a Return ticket, the issue is if I am staying for a year I will not be able to purchase a return flight as the flight schedule does not reach that far into the new year. Please could you advise?

The next issue I am having is finding correct and concise information online on the Hungarian website or Hungarian immigrations website on the process of marriage as it states that it is “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”. (

•         If me as a South African and my partner(Fiancé) who is a Hungarian Citizen how do we go about getting married? (we have been together for the past 4 years)
•         What is the process as there is no information regarding this issue?
•         What paper work will I have to provide as a South African and her as a Hungarian?

I have read somewhere that before the couple decides to marry they have to be together for a minimum of 2 years (which we have passed).

The website doesn’t state all information regarding marriage, all it says is that after marriage I as a husband who is not Hungarian can only stay within the country if my spouse writes a letter saying that she will provide all financial and accommodation that I will require in my 3 years staying within the country. Then only can I apply for residency.

Please could you assist in answering all my questions as well as advising and explaining me what I can or cannot do.

Izy_B09 :

I have been trying to contact the Republic Embassy of Hungary in Pretoria,

If your fiancée is a Hungarian national, she should contact the Hungarian office of Immigration and Asylum in Budapest for assistance directly on your behalf. If necessary, give her power of attorney over your case.

Also see:

Thank You,

We have finally got information based on your advice.

Hey,i am a kenyan woman going crazy with the procedures here.. apart from the certificate of no impediment being authenticated at the embassy by the consulate,what else should pass through the consulate?birthcertificate?because i have my original birth certificate which was verified and translated in budapest and stamped and sealed...does it need to go to the embassy again for authentification?

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