Greetings all... Can i get around with $1900 and teach English? name is wanting to move to Cambodia..i have an opportunity to obtain a TESOL Cert here in Aussie,as i have an interest in Teaching English.
I receive a small monthly benefit of around$1.900
So..2 questions...will i be able to find teaching work in Cambodia...and will my monthly benefit keep me housed and happy untill i can find a teaching job.
My background is varied...ive worked in Community Development  and Social Work not interested in starting a business at this point,rather just settle in with some nice accomodation..look for NGO type organisations....and just breathe...regards to you all...Bill.

A lot of foreigners live on less than 1,900. Plenty of international schools but also plenty of dodgy ones, do your research.

Great..many thanks for yr reply....

Hello Bill and welcome to :cheers:

To have an idea of the cost of living in Cambodia, I invite you to check out our forum section : Cost of living in Cambodia

Browsing the Housing in Cambodia section of the site will help you get to know the current rental prices.

I invite you to read the Living in Cambodia Expat guide and come around with any questions you may have to help you prepare your expatriation project.

Wish you all the best :top:


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