Information on Renting a Shop in the Medina

Hi Everyone,

I have been coming back and forth every month to Marrakech for sometime now. Testing the ground to see how I could spend part of my life there at least. I have now made the decision that it is what I want to do at least for the time being anyway.
I am looking for a shop to rent nothing too big or too expensive but I would prefer somewhere in the Medina I have a rough idea of the areas that I prefer but of course I am open to other suggestions if the price is right.
I have lots of experience but not lots of money haha so I do not want to buy or have some huge rent because that would defeat the object of leaving the UK.
So any information whatsoever or first hand experience from any members on here would be greatly appreciated.

The things I would really like to know about are:
How rentals work.
If you can negotiate any type of contract for the lease so that you don't get turned out after a year or so.
Any knowledge if a deposit is required and how does it work if you are renting.(I read somewhere that only one month is required?)
Also who do I need to draw up any contract to make it safe and secure.
Anything on rates or paying taxes.

I have been told by a third party at the moment about a shop I am interested in but I want to come down on the price they are quoting but they are saying the owner will not budge but I am still willing to try anyone have experience with this?

if anyone knows of any shops to rent I may be interested also.

Many thanks in Advance.

I look forward to hearing from you as well as I look forward to meeting any of you in the future.

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