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Hi all, Im in the process of establishing a new travel agency in marrakech and im looking for potentiel collaborations and experienced travel agents to join my venture.

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I would suggest you to post an advert with more details in the Marrakech classifieds > looking for - business partners.

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I have worked in travel for the past 14 years in the UK. Please take a look at my profile (Jamoroc) and get in touch with me if you're interested.

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I have worked for british travel agency in Morocco in the passed 4 years,if you need any help,please ask.

I run an adventure company aimed largely at the UK market here in Marrakech. I'd certainly be interested in new collaborations


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I would love to hear more about your planned agency, when do you plan to get it up and running? What demographic focus you plan to target?

I may be able to offer you some suggestions for excursions if you are interested

Hello, I'am Intressted in your offer can you please send me your email for more details or your whatsapp number.

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