Looking for work in Accra/Tema

Does anyone know of any firms that are hiring expat administrative staff and legal secretarial staff and are willing to provide a work permit/visa?   I am looking to move to Ghana in December and am trying to secure a job ahead of time and only have about 5 months to do so.  Thank you.

Wishing you good luck Marijana!

Thank you!

Preparing also !

Good luck too!

same thing over here :)

Wishing you good luck and safe travels!

Iam so scared I don't know how life Is in Ghana but I av to just take a step and start a new life over there iam not sure of any work yet

This thread is a little outdated, but anyone have any luck or any tips?  I've applied to literally every international school in Tema/Accra.  Haven't had any luck yet, but going to give it a little more time.  This seems to be the most difficult part thus far.  After several visits over the past year, I'm looking to move in January 2017 or sooner if the right opportunity comes up.

Any update on your research @marjina22?

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