Careers in Accra, Ghana


My name is Annabelle and I'm in process of planning to move to Accra. I'm visiting Ghana December 15th - January 2nd and I'd love to relocate by February 2018.

Currently, I work as a VP of Digital Marketing for a media agency in NYC. I have experience 12 years of experience in management consulting, digital marketing, technology (project management, business analysis, SDLC, agile, etc.), and leadership across multiple industries (oil & gas, financial services, government, healthcare, consumer products) Based on my experience would someone be able to provide insight on the likelihood of me securing a new job? Eventually, I plan to start a few e-commerce businesses but I'd like to work for a corporation prior to starting.

I look forward to connecting with everyone!

Hi Annabelle -

Did anyone reply to you? I have a similar background though I wouldn't be moving for sometime.

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