Moving from Holland to Ghana - Can somebody help me find a job?

Hello Everybody

My name is Lotte, I'm 32 years old and at the moment I live in The Netherlands.
In march of this year, during my third trip to Ghana, I finally decided I want leave Holland and move to Ghana, after years of undefined feelings and wondering.

All the information on the internet is overwhelming, but it's not making me change my mind. It is making me confused though, so maybe you can help me. I've started my orientation on finding a job and within a month I'm going to Accra for four weeks. Hopefully I can arrange a few meetings with people who can help me find a job, or with organisations that have vacancies.

I've studied psychology and have a masters degree in behavioral change. The past five years I've been working as a consultant in mobility-behavior. Quite a new and developing branche, which challenged me in putting my theoretical knowledge into practice.

I'm not looking for a job in the branche of psychology and/or mobility per se. I'm open for any new experiences.
Now my question: Is there anyone out there who can help me find a nice job?

I'm hoping to hear from you, so I can start on this new journey of my life.

Kind regards,

Hello Lotte!

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Kenjee Team

Hi Lotte,

It 's good to know there are still people out there who believe there is still life in our part of the world .I just joined and i'l update my profile and get back to you and try following the guy from teams advice  unless you wouldn't mind posting your courses of life  here ,which i 'm sure you agree will be a heck of a job and these new experiences you claim to be looking for,can you be little specific ?

Hi lotte, I read your message, and to me nothing wrong about it, getting that job you're talking about in Ghana, sometimes it can be easy, and sometimes it can be difficult, in Ghana their is a system we call whom you know, if you pass this Chanel getting that job will be very very easy for you and another issue about Ghana now is that because of economy crisis the Ghana government lay embargo on employment in the government sectors for two years, but if you need job in a private sectors or company, in Ghana?? Surely you will get, if you're interested to know more you can asked for more or you can contact me on felixkwame.fa (at) Gmail, hope to hear soon

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Send your CV to xxxx so that I can look for a pretty job for you in Ghana

Witty16 :

Send your CV to xxxx so that I can look for a pretty job for you in Ghana

You have posted on an old(2014) thread and so will not get a reply.

Are you an employment agent?
What is a "pretty" job?
Why would someone send you, a total stranger, their CV ?

I suggest that no one send their CV.

I agree!

Hi, Lotte
I wanted to ask whether you had a successful move to Ghana as I am considering moving there shortly and am looking for work?


Missing your news since!

Best regards,

found anything?

I live here for close to 15 years. I love to help if I can ;)

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