Looking for an Arabic language tutor

I am a Canadian Muslim working in Jeddah.
Looking for an Arabic tutor . I can teach English in return.

I can help u with the arabic language but beside english can u be a french language tutor??

Hello Syed,

I will be more than happy to guide you through all the steps to learn Arabic.

I suggest we keep all the correspondence on the forum rather than on the PM for other members to benefit and participate.

Couple of questions before we get started:

a) Do you speak read and write Urdu? Since the learning path is much easier for Urdu-Arabic rather than English- Arabic.

b) How good are you at reading Quran ( Tajweed).

c) Is your objective to understand Quran where you need to learn MSA ( modern standard Arabic) or  Fusha or to be able to converse in Arabic with your friends?

You will be needing a tutor at a later stage to practice conversational Arabic. :one

Sorry for belated reply. sorry my friend, I do not know French

My replies to your queries, item by item , are as follows:
a. Yes , I speak, read and write Urdu.
b. I read Quran but not good at Tajweed.
c. Yes, my objective is to understand Quran as well as learn spoken Arabic.

Hello Syed,

1) Tajweed ( Proper Arabic quranic pronunciation ) نطق is very important.

I suggest you get hold of a Pakistani Qari or Hafiz and re-learn recitation of Quran.

2) For Urdu-Arabic online courses, please see series by Quran Academy Sheikh Aamir Sohail

3) For conversation you may study Madinah University Program , make a printout of Book 1 and 2

4) For additional support you may also consider Arabicpod 101, you may subscribe to  its initial free videos before making a decision to purchase the complete online package.

5) Start building your vocabulary of اسماء (nouns) and افعال (verbs) on your own note books.


You can download Memrise android app from google play store or learn on the web using this website. (memrise[dot]com)

I've been using it for 3 months and my Arabic is improving. You can learn many languages and courses for free and can use it at our ease.

Good Luck!

I can give you an hour of tuition (free of charge of course) for an hour once a week on Skype.

This may sound too short a time but it is enough to provide guidance on course material and to check progress. :)

Thanks for your kind offer.
I am back to Jeddah after Eid Holidays.
It will be really a great help if you can give me an hour's tuition weekly in Arabic on Skype.
Jazak Allah.
Where are you located?
I will appreciate if you can directly communicate with me on email xxx

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Welcome back to Saudi Arabia.

I am available at xxx

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Hello everyone,

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