Good Beer in Phnom Penh?

Does anyone know of a bar or restaurant in Phnom Penh that serves craft beers? My boyfriend and I are not partiers so we are not looking for clubs. We love the local and other asian selection but we are getting a little tired of drinking light beers all the time. We have been to Botanica a lot since that is the only place we have found some but I am looking to expand my options.

Thanks in advance!

One economical option if u cant find the exotic dark ale that is to your liking is buy beer can Cambodian beer of your choice and their is a Singaporian Beer ( Dark ) and i used to mix them in variant degrees to suit my palate  ... Also a Phnom Penh beer ( Dark😄) even more economical to Mix  and get a different taste ! Maybe a desperate option for u but served me well for 1.5 year stay there in PP to add variety to my Hopps !

I like the Munich Fresh Beer Microbrewery. They brew two basic beers, called Gold and Stout. The beers are soft and gentle by taste, and very "organic". The pricing is also very reasonable here, and also bottled beers from other breweries are available.
No. 78, intersection of 3 street and 258 street, Sothearos Blvd, Phnom Penh.
Next to Wat Bottom Park and Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia.
Phone: 081 988 886

The other bier bar I like, is The Himawari Microbrevery. Its located just by Himawari Hotel's swimming pool. They serve various selection of different beers, brewed right there in their own brewery. The prices are much higher here than in The Munich Fresh Beer Microbrewery.

Not craft beer, but Meta house have a range of imported beers, currently a list of Belgian beer on the specials.  Close to Munich..

Cervesia Craft Brewhouses another, on tap in a dozen restaurants. … bodia.html … phnom-penh

If you kike to serve yourself a coupke of variety beer tastes at Home , i buy stout ( dark beer) and mix it with a typical economical Cambodiana beer if my choice and add a variety of amts of Stout ( Singaporean or other more economical stout) and achieve an Amber or dark beer taste of my choosing ) ..., just another ordinary choice ....

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