soccer/football in phnom penh

hey everybody.
I am looking for a soccer team to join here in phnom penh...
do you know others who are looking for a team or do you happen to know a team that is looking for teammates?
any hint is appreciated :)

im looking for a team too ! do you have watsapp or wechat so we can keep in touch ?

Did you find a team? Im also looking to join a team!

Hello there Becky Watts,

You will get better chances of joining team if you drop an advert in the following section of the website : Sport partners in Phnom Penh

Best of luck,

I am also looking for a team

I am too, let me know if you have room for one more if you find enough people to play.

I am also looking for a team in pp for regular trainings

why just we all form one ? lol

Yeah good idea. We could hire a field somewhere?

Ofc we could but we need at least 10-12 people for that. Currently we have 6 people max. Do you have any friends who are also interested in playing football on regular basis ?

Yep I know of at least one maybe three :) do you know any?

no, just me :(
so currently we have
2. Becky
3. mi1
4. jahhweb
5. seyonmardi
6-8 Backy's friends

Need at least 5-8 more :(

I could be up for a game if something is sorted.


Hello, I like to play football too and I ve  created a new soccer pitch in phnom penh . I am looking for players. I can organize for you: book the field, find teammates and opponents.
Be free to check my facebook page: sport zone Cambodia.
I begin to organize the games on my facebook group: sport zone soccer phnom penh.

Don t hesitate to contact me by phone also xxx.
Hope to see you soon and play together.

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Where is it?

near chbar ampov, after monivong bridge.

Hi I look for some football players to make a game tonight. Field and opponent team are already ok. Just need some players to complete my team.

Are you guys already playing somewhere?

Just arrived in Phnom Penh, and am looking to join a weekly game.

hey im down for a weekly game as well

I am new to PP and looking for some regular social games, any of u guys have a group and have room for 1 more. Let me know. Thanks

Email me on xxx if you interested in weekly football game, I'm an expat here and used to play with local Khmer friends. This sunday there will be a match and everyone can join, email for fast reply. Cheers

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I know it's been a while since anyone posted, but I've just returned to PP and my soccer team's now non-existent. So if anyone does know of any teams that need players/ starting a new team I'd be interested, drop us a line. Cheers, Louis

Hi, I'm moving to Phnom Penh in a few weeks and will be looking to try and find a team to play for or some regular football. Anyone got any recommendations or need a player? Thanks.

Hi I ve been in Phnom Penh for a week now and would be nice to join a soccer group here. Hit me up if you guys need a player

Hi guys!
Looking for a team to play football with.
Please let me know if you're looking for players.

Hello everyone,

Please drop an advert in the proper section of the website Sport partners in Phnom Penh if you are looking for players. It will be easier to get in touch.

All the best,

A bunch of football enthusiastic expats play games every Monday and Thursday at six PM. Location: 3G Sport Center. Anyone is welcome to join!

Thank you, already found a team.

Hi Mirjamie,

Sorry to reiterate but is the soccer meets still on for Mondays and Thursdays at 6 ?
I would love to come join for a game.
Do let me know. Cheers.

(27 jan 2017)

Hey guys, are these Monday night kickabouts still happening? Would love to join this week if so.



Hi guys who love play football. I am attending a football team but some times we have not enough member to play. We usually plays on monday and thurday morning at 6.30 am at 3G Sports Center on national assembly street. So if you interested in sport too. Please text me via ***

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Hello Chin yuri,

Could you please post your ad under the required section of the website : Sport partners in Phnom Penh.



I would love to play, i used to be semi pro for some years ;)'

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