Taxis versus renting a car in MUSCAT ?

Are there lots of taxis in Muscat ?
Are they metered ?

How much does it cost to rent a basic car per month in Muscat ?

Can anyone recommend the best gyms to belong to in Muscat ?

There are many taxis cars around muscat .. there is no meter on taxi car
Car rental prices between 15 to 40 a day

If you are came for shot time and tourist you can contact me I have guide with 4×4 car you can to tourist place , market and short trip he worked as taxi

All the best

Hi saharadesert,

Local taxis are best avoided. They do not have meters. They charge erratically.

Since taxi service is an unorganised sector (still) in Muscat, you would be much better off renting a car and being on your own. Car rental costs would start from about R.O. 20/- per day, to R.O. 180/- up wards per month, depending on the vehicle you rent. There are many packages and different pricing structures. What I have quoted is only ballpark.

If you read the many other posts on this subject you would get a good deal of information on why you must avoid taking taxis here in Muscat, and what are the best car rental options.

Thankfully, the erstwhile Oman National Transport Company (ONTC), has rebranded itself to 'Muwasalat' and are plying some brand new buses across the city and to certain other places outside Muscat as well. They're fantastic ! And safe too.

Avoid taxis. Go for self driving if you can. Else take the bus service.


Many, many thanks for this information.
I also heard that it is better to rent a car than take taxis but I was not sure.
I also heard you can rent a car at 170 OR per month.

By the way, can I get clothes made for a decent price in Muscat ? Are there good tailors ?
Are there lots of fabric stores to choose from ?

Dear Sir,
What is the fair for going from Muscat to sohar Industrail city and come back the same day to Muscat
Beat regards,

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