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Driving License in Muscat, Oman - My experience

Dear Friends,

So after my last post of Visa facts here I am sharing the complete experience of Driving License what I understood in my journey.

Before I share details, I want to let you know that I drove the car in India for 2-3 years, no classes taken just started driving with friend car by simple rule of ABC (Accelerator, Break, Clutch) so when I started here, was very nervous as I have seen people in my company attempting 6-10 times and some getting success and some getting not.

I am not sharing about getting driving license book as it is already explained in ROP website, I am starting from after that, though if some one have question he or she can ask me.

1. First of all forget that you came from here or there and you have drove car for so many years or so. You should keep in mind that you are starting from zero and you need to just get 10 out of 10 to get the license ( in many cases even 8-9 also do but depends on luck ).

2. Find a good car instructor (based on your circle experience of past). Talk to that person before you fix, make sure he knows good english (not fluent one but still not the bad one) and if knows hindi it is plus and Arabic they know anyways. Fix the hourly rates / test rates / bonus if you pass and so.
Don't fall into a trap of contract like paying 300-400 OMR till get license.

3. Start the classes only when you have kept 300-400 OMR aside to get the license (dont feel negative by this line, this is to ensure that once you start you don't stop till you get license). Expecting license in first attempt is like a dream which rarely come true. But for sure second to fifth attempt it is possible to make.

4. Dont think that this is easy location, that is tough location etc.. best is to find the location which is near to your area where you live. Many people suggest that go to outskirts and stay there and get license in 1 day etc, which I personally would not suggest. As keep in mind that you have to drive on the roads where you stay and this is for your own safety.

5. Don't hurry for test as practice of one hour cost you 6/7 riyals however failing the test costs you 30/35 riyals. So take classes till you get confidence.

5. So first test will be Signal Test / Drum / Slop test, they are conducted one after other and paid in one fee. Signal test is very easy, where you have to sit in front of Police and he will ask you sign boards meaning and you need to tell what they mean and it will take max 2 minutes. This is very easy still you can practice on given link- … oad-signs/

Once it is clear, you will go for Drum Test. This test is nothing but test of your parking skills. You will see 2 lines of 4 drums each at equal distance (enough to pass your car easily). You need to cross them and go to your right first, then reverse back between drums and  then go again front to left and reverse again..that's it... It sounds simple !!! or may be tough but it is all based on trick.

6.  In drum test, your instructor will tell you trick i.e. the point at which you need to turn steering full and that is very very important. For this please ensure that whenever you sit in car, you fix one position of your seating which is comfortable to you. Secondly the day you have test, go for class before that, so that your sitting position is arranged and if you clear at the learning area in one go..dont try again plan to move to test site directly.

7. After that it is slop test, which is understood by name in the slop your car after a break should go smoothly with out any sound or reverse. Again here is a balance between clutch and accelerator.

8. Now you will classes for Road test, in which inspector may check for your parking skills, some times slop test (at Al-Khaud they do sometimes) and your driving on the main road skill and your knowledge about roads and signs etc. No set rule for this it can be any thing.

9. Learning basic things with your instructor -
a. Parking in small row - to left or to right
b. Parking in big row - to left or to right
c. Taking back from parking from small row - to left or to right
d. Taking back from parking from big row - to left or to right.

everything have certain set of rules which teacher will tell and once you practice them 2-3 times it is very easy. However make sure that during the test you follow -
a. Indicator while parking
b. Mostly use gear 1 while parking as speed is slow
c. looking at all the three mirrors (dont try to look direct back like we do in our home country)
c. moderate speed (neither slow nor fast - again no set definition )

9. Confidence of your face is most important thing required to pass the test. After parking is good, police will ask you to move further. Make sure your mobile is either silent or switched off.
You hear very clearly whatever he says to do
While driving he may ask you questions like what is the speed here, can we stop , what is this sign board so be prepared for answer these simple questions with out getting distracted.

10. Basic things which must be followed -
a. Don't touch yellow lines ever
b. Use indicators for any left or right movement
c. Use hazardous indicator for any sudden stop
d. don't drive very slow as many a time, once you reach to main road you have to increase speed very fast
d. don't over speed for rated speeds of the roads
e. position of your hands should be proper
f. hands shall go to gear only when required, once work done back to position
g. take care of T- junction - full stop
h. hear clearly and differentiate what police asks you - like full roundabout and left and take left , full roundabout and come back or come back.. etc
g. whenever car comes to stop, move to 1 no gear and be ready to move
h. never change the gears directly always follow sequence from 1 to 5 and 5 to 1.
g. every gear have set speed position so once you cross speed gear should change and same way while moving down
i. take care of moving people around you when car is slow or you are reversing the car from parking etc.
j. taking care or line immediately when next instruction is given
k. indicator on, as soon as instruction to go left or right is given

11. Wear shoes if possible as it gives better control over clutch, Wear office dress as gives sense to police that he is a working guy in a company and little mindset changes.

12. Great the police, be confident and go for the test after good no. of classes are taken.

13. If you fail in test, don't feel that it end of the world. discuss with your instructor what was mistakes and make sure you don't repeat them.

I wish all the license seekers all the very best and hope this might help you a little rest all you have to help yourselves.

Good luck !!

Thanks Vinod for this valuable Information. I am holding an Indian driving license. Do I need an International Driving license to drive or apply for a license in Oman?

Not required...

I have valid Qatar Driving License Manual which I gave to take UAE Automatic Driving License.
Now I am in Oman, can I get Oman Driving License without any test???

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