Temporary residence. Need insurance frmo Montenegrin?!

hi i have a house in Montenegro since 2006 and have retired a few years ago and i am spending more time in Montenegro but lately i am having the police at passport control questioning the time i am spending in Montenegro and they are saying i should have a visa as i am going over 90 days in total ,i travel in and out of the country to Croatia and Bosnia a lot on day trips .I am strongly considering getting a tempory residence and i checked the requirements and one of them is that you must have health insurance from a Montenegrin insurance company ,do any expats have any information on this that would be helpful?

Hi Kumbor,
The fact that you own a property here does allow you to get the residence permit "boravak" for 1 year (renewable as long as you own the property) and you should get it to avoid problem at the border. About insurance just go to Lovcen for example and they'll make a 1 month insurance policy for you to handover with your application at the "MUP".

Hi Tsarine ,
Thanks for the info on residence permit ,I will call into Lovcen regarding health  insurance i will check to see if 1 months cover will allow me to get Boravak.Do you know if it takes long for the MUP to process the documentation?

30 days insurance should be enough. And from the moment you apply the MUP has 30 days to process but it usually takes 15-20 days.

Thanks for the reply i am heading out on the 24th of July until august the 19th so it might be processed for me then but if not i will be back on the 19th of September until the end of October .I have seen different details about requirements on the amount of money i need in my bank account in Montenegro some say 2,500 euro and others say a few hundred  euro and do i also need a letter from my local police station  in Ireland that i have no criminal record?

For the criminal records in the UK you apply here not sure about Ireland but check this asap as it usually takes a few days to obtain such document.

Last amount I heard of that you needed in the bank account was 3650€ (check Ben's a fellow expat "mup-pet list" but l think it varies depending on the municipality.

good morning,
                          thank you for the reply to my questions ,i will check the link that you gave me to check out the amount of money required for bank deposit.

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