Meetings in Nantes

Bonjour à tout and hello to everyone!

I'm Darie and I'm looking for new friends and want to improve my language skills in English and French. Let's go for a walk or drink smth :)
Is anybody interested in?

Hello Darie :cheers:

I invite you to also drop an advert in the Language exchange in Nantes section of the site to better reach out to members.

All the best :top:


Hi Daria
There is a social group called Knowing Nantes for English speakers of all  nationalities. I've atached a link below. The group usually has a get together at a bar once a month for a chat and to meet new people. People also put events, jobs, chat on the site.
The meeting is usually the first or second Tuesday of each month but often there is not a meeting in Nantes because many people are on holiday.
To join the group you need to make a request on the Knowing Nantes Facebook site.
I'd be happy to meet up for a coffee/chat/walk.
I've been in Nantes for four years and really enjoy the city. I'm a journalist by profession but now I enjoy teaching English in and around Nantes.

Hope to meet up soon.

A lot of thanks for both of you :)
I'm going to use the information you gave me.

All best :)

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