Any Asian in Nantes

Hi everyone,
I'm chanthou..
I've been in France,Nantes for a while. It's beautiful here and get used to my way around Nantes a bit now but would like to meet some Asian or anyone here who can meet ,talk ,have coffee or beer . I would love to get my French speaking better because I'm really struggling with it if anyone who could speak French good that would be great
Say hi if you you are in Nantes and want to get together.

Hi Chanthou,

Learning and practicing french could be tricky  ;) With which aspect of the language are you having trouble ? Vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation ?

Maybe you could have a look this … ancais.pdf


Thanks Bhavna for the information.
With the language I think I'm having all the trouble with what you just asked especially pronunciation is really bad, I find quite frustrating sometimes when I couldn't speak it right. I need to have French lessons.conversation class would be great for me but as I'm working everyday,it's difficult with the right time.
Have a good evening :-)

Hi again Chanthou,

In that case, maybe an advert in the Language classes in Nantes will do, you can note down your requirements and time.

Learning and grasping it will come with time, be patient  :top: . Since you are already there, you will benefit from your surroundings. Watch TV, movies, listen to songs it will help.

All the best,

Hi Chanthou! Where are you from?

Merci encore Bhava ;-)
Bonne weekend  :-)

Hi StevenLiu.
I am from cambodia, do you know?

How about you?

Got to go for now, abit busy
Have a good weekend

Hi Chantou,

I am from the Philippines. I also experience the same difficulty as you have in terms of speaking French as I just moved to Nantes few months ago. I don't have formal lessons yet but I am learning a lot through Maybe you can try this one?

I was able to work with Cambodians before and I got few really good friends. I've been to Cambodia once and such a beautiful country!

All the best,


Hi Rosalyn,
That's nice to read your message.
Actually I do know about Doulingo and have been learning from from it before I came to France.  Can't read,write and understanding but listernimg and my speaking is not going anywhere. I don't know if it's because I feel impatient with it but I find it so frustrated when I want to speak something or response something to someone especially with my work to make them understand what I want to say.
We could meet sometimes for a bee or coffee  if you want. It's nice to go with people from similar background.
Have a lovely Sunday evening

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