Meeting new people, french/english language exchange

Hi there!

Im Claire a 25 years old french girl =) !
Im new in Nantes (I just got a job) . I used to live in Bristol last year and I want to meet some english people in order to keep talking (and improving!) this amazing language !!! Of course Im ready to talk in French if you want to improve :)

As Im a newbie in this city I can't promess to make you discover Nantes but at least I can help with French^^!

I hope meet a lot of people and enjoy this city =) !!!



Hi, I am new to Nantes too. I am a 23 year old girl, from ireland. I did live here last summer but went back to ireland for a few months. I don't know a lot of people but I do know my way around the city a bit. English is my 1st language but I speak French well enough. Be nice to meet up and have a French/English language exchange!

Hi Michella !

Nice to read about you ! I still fancy to meet some people and have language exchange so Im really happy to see than somebody is answering, finally !!!  :top:
Where do you used to live in Ireland? I did a short roadtrip last summer with a friend to Dublin till Galway, was really awsome !

Happy Saint Patrick's day ^^


Hey, so I was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Ireland when I was 10. I have lived in limerick, tullamore and cork so far. I travel at lot with work and studies.

Its great to hear from you. Your trip sounds great! There is a lot to see between galway and Dublin. And galway is such a wonderful town, very lively. How did you get on in Bristol? I have never been but I heard its a nice place. I know a few people who did their Erasmus there.

Thanks, happy paddy's day to you too!


Hi! You seem to travel a lot, sound cool ^^! What kind of work and study are you doing ?
I really liked Galway, you are right its a lovely city. I actually enjoyed more Galway than Dublin ! We went till Doolin and the moher cliff and it was beautiful all way long !

I lived in Bristol last year, it was really nice! This city is quite strange but in a good way! There is so many different people from everywhere that you never finish to be surprised !!! And people are very warm and nice there (as much as Irish people^^) !


Sorry I was in Gothenburg for an interview and didnt get to see your reply. I am an artist and work mostly on large sculptures. So I am broke but I get to travel. Which is cool. But I have only stopped by Galway and I haven't really travelled much in England. Its a bit expensive and its the countries closest to you, you see last. (In my case anyway)

I guess Dublin is like every capital city, expensive and people are less friendly. I did hear that Bristol was a bit strange all right, but in a good way. I always imagined it like the train station district. Glad you enjoyed it. Where you working there? What sort of work do you do?



I'm Omar from Lima, Perú
Nice to meet you girls :)

Hi Omar,

Nice to meet you. Are you currently living in Peru?  :)

Hi ladies

Thought I would join the conversation. My name is Jess and I am Australian, currently living in Australia but am moving to Nantes in a few months with my partner who is french. My french is minimal at this stage so I will be focusing on learning to speak when I am there but am looking to also have English speaking friends to hang out with so I don't go mad!!!! I am studying to be a teacher, so am looking into doing some English tutoring / teaching. I have found a company called speaking agency - have you guys heard of them? I am also into the arts, dance, theatre and am really getting into photography - so am looking forward to having the time to get better at it! I visited Nantes 2 years ago for a day! So when it comes to where to go and what to do I am clueless! Also what areas are good to live in - could you girls offer some suggestion?! Not sure what else to say so ask away!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jess :)

Hi Jess !
Welcome to this conversation ;) ! I'm Claire and I live in Nantes since january of this year so I don't know so well this city but about the areas where to live I just advice you to find something near a tramway line like that you can go trough the city quite easily ^^

I never heard about speaking agency (I just google it^^) did you have a contract with them ? When are you coming to Nantes ?



Hi Claire, thanks good advice! The agency called me last night. It seems good for a a bit of work until I can speak French well enough and apply for more permanent work. At this stage we will be arriving in Nantes in early August. We will be leaving Australia in June but will travel around Southeast Asia for a bit before we get there! How are you finding it in Nantes? Is there a lot to do socially? What are your hobbies? And how is the weather? It is going to be a massive change for me as we have been living in the centre of Australia and it has been HOT every day!!!!!

Hi Michella!
Nice to meet you too. Yes I do, I live in Lima Peru :) now looking for meet new people and learn a lot of news cultures :)

Hi all,

I'm relatively new to Nantes (since last summer) and, by coincidence, have also lived in Bristol where I did my undergrad and postgrad studies...

I've been trying various online networks in order to meet people, which would be especially useful for me as I work on my own from home. The Franglish network hasn't organised a single event since I moved here, so here's hoping this site will prove more fruitful!

I'm pretty much bilingual as I started learning French 30 years ago and have lived in the country since 1998 (foolishly I moved here just after the French won the World Cup!!), so people looking to improve their basic French I could help too.

Hi ! I totally agree with you about the "franglish" network in Nantes. It seems quite poor (at least on internet)! I hope it will get better with time but for now its a bit boring as nothing moove really...  :unsure

But summer is coming... and Im pretty sure a lot of new people motivated to discover Nantes will come as well :) !!!

Hi everyone! So excited to see this post is active :)
I'll be moving to Nantes this July. I've lived there a year already with my hubby and am now going back. I'm in Canada right now (where I'm from) and preparing the grounds for when I come! I want this to be a better experience this time so it won't feel so isolating. I would love to talk and get to meet you all. :)


Hi everyone,

I'm coming in Nantes in September. I would like to meet new English people :)

Hi :)

My name is Daria
I'm from Ukraine and I'll come to Nantes in August
I'm studing English and French and I want to meet new people for talking and improvement of language skills

Best regards

Hi Daria :)

Looking for meeting new people with who I can speak English :)
Contact me in private message if you want.

Hi Daria and Julie! My name is Ewelina :) I'm student of civil engineering from Poland.
I'm spending summer in Nantes  :top: 
I speak English and French and I'm looking to meet new people in Nantes :)

Oh, it's great :)
Have you got a what's up?
We can meet in Nantes, I'll come in the end of August :D

Hi Everyone,

English speaker from Nigeria.. hope to meet you all with both English and French language skills... Cheers

Just wondering if you girls are still in Nantes? I just moved here for a semester of studying at the end of the summer. I am looking to meet some new people, and preferably speak French (as I came here to learn!) but would be happy to speak English if necessary.
Let me know! I'm always up for coffee or a drink!

Hi everyone,
Anyone still in Nantes to meet and make new friends??
I'm french. I live here in Nantes. I speak English fluently, thanks to the time i spent in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm back in France now but I would love to meet foreigners here. My goal is to make friends, enjoy some party time, or quiet & simple times to share with nice & fun people.
If someone's up for a drink, a coffee or if you just have questions about the city to help you move in, I'm your (wo)man  ;) .
i hope I can count on you !!!
Talk to you soon

Hi :D
I'm Daria, I'm from Ukraine and now I'm in Nantes :)
We can meet and drink some cofee if you want :)

happy new years for all nantais

Hi Claire!

I can see that you already speak very well english, which is awesome and very helpful.
I'm a volunteer in France, for 4 mobths now, and I made some progress regarding my french speaking ability. I think it would be fun to get the chance to talk to you, getting the chance to learn some french and simply comunicating with you in english -which can be obly positive.

happy new years

they will be nice to chat and dialogue whith you

Hey Claire,

I saw your post. I used to study in Bristol and am now in Nantes for work. I would love to meet up to improve my french and speak english with you.

How does meeting for a coffee sometime sound?

Warm regards,

Err..."with whom.."  :) hope all goes well with you.  I live in Vendee, but make frequent visits to Nantes for research and footie matches.

Hello Claire ! Enchanté ! You can PM ***

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I would love to speak to you. I'm British looking to speak french! 😊

Yes please I'm desperate to learn French and move there one day😊 Rachel

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