Swedish citizenship?

I lived in northern Sweden for six years plus, followed by a current 2/3 years break based in UK & France. I'm UK nationality. In the wake of the insane Brexit vote in the UK, I'm concerned about future as I have lived in Europe now for over 10 years. Does anyone know whether my initial long-term stay/residence in Sweden can still count towards validity if as a Sweden returner now, I seek Swedish citizenship? I understand fully that the normal rule is 5 years residence with spells out of the country during tht time being uncounted etc. Thanks.

I think you'll find your answers clearly posted on the website

Romaniac Experts Team

Thanks for the thought but I'm still not too sure of the answer. I owned a house and lived entirely from savings/capital throughout my time in Sweden, never claimed any kind of Swedish state support at any time. So, who knows!!!!! Can't see how to obtain a certificate confirming no state benefits claimed, though! Nordea Bank - account now closed, sadly - may still have info in records but God knows hat chances are of obtaining this from them.

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