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I am new to this blog:) After months of thinking about moving to Sweden from London to live with my boyfriend I took the plunge this week and gave in my notice. I am planning to move to Akarp (near Malmo) by the end of October!

I know the personnummer is a big topic and I keep on finding different information on how to obtain it so I just wanted a fresh perspective on it and have several questions...

1. I am a EU member so as I understand it I am permitted 6 months to live in  Sweden whilst I look for a job? Some people say it is only 3

2. Once I have an offer of employment I can apply for my personnummer. I need my EU health card, my address of residence (which will be my boyfriends house), my ID (passport) and proof that I can support myself with a regular income.

What documents do I need to proof I can support myself from month to month? Would a bank statement showing an adequate amount of money in my English bank account for say a year be enough?

Do I need any more information/documentation with regards to my residence, i.e. a residents permit?

How long does it take to obtain the personnummer once the correct documentation is handed in?

Any help and advice on the above would be much appreciated!!

Many thanks,

Hi Natasha

I can only tell you that once you submit the required documents in tax office it takes maximum of 2 weeks to sent your personal number by post on your address.

Wish you good luck and welcome to Sweden.

Best regards

Hi Sajid,

Thank you for your message - thats good to know:)

Ive read a few other peoples expereinces and they seem to have had theirs fairly quickly once they submit their documents...Hopefully I will have a similar situation:)

Hi Natasha,

I moved to Sweden from Norway last years but I am from India. As a Non EU member in the society, to get a personal number, the first and foremost thing is a Permit to work in Sweden for at least 12 months and more. That is the basic criteria which Skatteverket uses while granting personal number. When I moved to Stockholm, I had my Work Permit expiring less than an Year. So Swedish Tax office denied to give me Personnummer.

I applied for my new work permit in May 2016 and I got a decision after a long time in July 2017. So now I am eligible and have applied for Personnummer. 

As you said before, Personnummer and Swedish ID card are the most important documents needed to avail most of the services/health care in Sweden.

Your situation may not be exactly like me but you can understand how it works with Skatteverekt and Personnummer.

The most important thing for getting the Letters from Skatteverket on time is to have a right postal address. I have had massive problems in getting letters from Skatteverket with a little confusion in my mailing address. So make sure you give them the right address and if you do, you should get the Personnummer posted in few weeks.


Hej I just moved from Wales to Sweden, it is sadly only 3 months  not 6 months (I am here looking for a job here as we speak) however it can be 6 months if you get an extension from migration office. Which means getting a visa despite being from the EU.

Once you have a job, you can get the personal number, and with this job you pay tax and so are entitled to health care, and live your life as normal, get a bank, join the gym etc etc. Basically, as an EU going through the right of free movement, you need to have a job to obtain residency. There are other ways through, such as if you have a large amount of savings and of course your health cover.

The health insurance card only covers for holidays, such as the 3 months or 90 day period and does not count as being a resident.

You need to grab the NI health insurance certificate if you wish to document your health cover from the UK  - this is only really needed if you go through migration. They will call it the S1 form, however in the UK it is called E106 or E109. I just warn you, I applied by postal application over two months ago, prior to moving to Sweden and only the other day received a phone call regarding sending my stuff through the post! if you need this form, it is on the Gov uk website and quite easy to fill in. Just search the E106 or E109 and it will come up as "National Insurance: application for healthcare cover in the European Economic Area (CA8454)" to fill this form in, you will need to send evidence of your NI contributions such as your most recent payslips.

If you go through migration, they will ask to see proof that you can support yourself as you stated, you can show your bank statements and any payslips if you are still getting money from the UK and included with that the job contract. If you are being supported by someone I.E. family or a partner, they will need to document this for you to have this as evidence.

I hope I've been of some use! If you have any other questions or want me to explain anything better just drop me a message!

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your message - wow it seems like you had to go through quite a bit to get it - good luck if you are still waiting.

I think as an EU member i dont need a work permit but I do definitely need a job/study course in sweden to apply for it.

Anyway, Im excited about the move - hopefully the personnummer will not be too much of an issue once I get all documents together:)

Hey Rhian,

Thank you so much - this is really useful:) I had no idea about the health insurance...thats a long wait and I plan to move end of October so I better apply for it now.

And thats a shame it is only 3 months to find work..Wish you luck - I will be in that position soon!

Ive read blogs where people have just needed their passport and they got a personnummer! I think this is unlikely in most cases but it does show it also depends who you get reviewing your application.

Asides from getting documents ready for personnummer what other main things did you prepare for if you dont mind me asking? I think I will need to sort out my phone - if I should cancel my contract and do Swedish pay as you go when I arrive (seeming as you cant get contract without personnummer)

Any ideas would be much appreciated:)


Glad to be of use!

In terms of phone contract, I wasn't able to cancel without paying quite a lot of money as I have a while left. But since the recent EU law change it has meant I can use my mins, texts and data here in Sweden as normal without extra charge. Which has been very handy in terms of keeping in contact with family. But if I had been in a situation to cancel I'd have done that.
You can get a pay as you go SIM card here from shops quite easily such as comviq, just ensure your phone is unlocked to all networks!

Yes the health insurance has taken a long time so it's good the insurance card lasts for 90 days. I have a job interview on Monday (just had an email in the last hour about it!) So hopefully I can get a job contract. The work you take on needs to be at least 30 hours realistically, and to be permanent (not a temporary position) and you can then take that to Skatteverket to obtain your personal number.

Once you have a job contract, I am aware at Swedbank you can use this along with your passport to get an account open and then update the account with the personal number once you have received it. I am not too sure on other banks though!


Ok - cool thanks - I will check with EE who I am with what the charges are:) I think Im actually comming to the end of the contract so I dont think it will be a huge issue to stop it

Wow - that was quick! good luck with the interview! Fingers crossed for you:)

And thats good to know - I cannot then go for temp positions.
I was actually thinking of applying to a university course for a back up solution if I find it hard to get a full time job I like. I think it says on the official website if you come to study thats another way to get the personnummer


I am too with EE, it's just I had so long left of my contract! When you call up, they will most likely be very persistant that you can continue your contract whilst abroad etc so just ensure to be firm that you don't want it anymore.

University is also a good option, I applied and was accepted into Malmö but reserve for Göteborg. Since I wanted to move to Göteborg I rejected Malmö.
Again, with university it needs to be a full time course but if you are studying then you can get your personal number and begin life!

Ah cool - Ill phone them up and see what the options are.

Yeh exactly - I just want my life to start as soon as possible so even if i get a place I can stil job hunt at the same time....i want to make the most of the free swedish lessons!!

Yes I agree there too! It is just a long waiting list which is a pain!

Hi, we're Brits. We moved to Vaster Norrland some years ago with ease. We simply went to our local - nearest small town - tax office, filled in forms and they copied passports. They never asked for income/support proof etc. We then received our numbers by post within a few weeks. This was over 10 years ago, in a small town where there were virtually no immigrants, we were the only Brits around - and it may have changed since then. But it is an important thing to have. Helps enormously. Good luck/lycka till. The language is also vital in the long-term, esp if job hunting, I'd say!


Thank you for your message - apologies for late reply.
Wow it does seem you got it quite easily! I will need  a job to support myself anyway but good to know that there are some cases where it is not too strict.

I can't wait to move now...a month left of my current job, counting down the days!!!

Hi I've recently moved to Malmö, Sweden and I'm having real trouble with the personnummer application. I was wondering if anyone has managed to get health insurance that has been accepted?

Also keen to understand this as I'm about to do the same move. If my EHIC card nor the E106 form isn't good enough, it seems to indicate that I need private health insurance from a Swedish provider.

It's very confusing as I'm seeing a range of answers on different sites..

Malyon2001 :

Also keen to understand this as I'm about to do the same move. If my EHIC card nor the E106 form isn't good enough, it seems to indicate that I need private health insurance from a Swedish provider.

It's very confusing as I'm seeing a range of answers on different sites..

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The UK EHIC card is not valid if you are living in another country; for example, if you decide to move to Sweden, then you need to make arrangements there.  It covers UK residents for treatment that can’t wait until the patient’s return to the UK. This includes pre-existing medical conditions and routine maternity care, providing the reason for a visit is not specifically to give birth.

The UK S1 forms (formerly known as E106, E109, E120, E121) are now only issued to people in receipt of a UK state pension.  So, if you are in receipt of a UK state pension, you can apply for a UK S1 form, then use that to register for medical insurance in Sweden under the Swedish system.

I hope this has clarified the situation for you.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hi Cynic.

I'm heading over to Malmö for work but am going to be staggering the move over the next 12 months by working one week there and one in London.

My challenge is to pay tax in Sweden, get the relevant services via the person number but not also pay tax in the UK.


Hi, in general (I’m not a Sweden expert), where you’re resident will determine where you pay tax.  If you’re not careful, you could come unstuck.

Over 180 days in Sweden you are liable to pay tax. But this is just one part of it. Your employer is equally liable to pay his part as well. If you do something wrong, you and your employer both could end up on the wrong side. Migrationverket is very strict on employees even when employer has done something wrong. Take consultation from some legal taxation expert what is correct for you.

Hi, regarding the S1 form, I would just like to add that you can get the s1 form so long as you have paid enough tax in the UK, this is how I received it
/ Rhian

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