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hi everyone I am Cris from Philippines and I just came here in Sweden last month. I have a swedish boyfriend and we are planning to extend my schengen visa upto 3 months more because my visa is good for 3 months only. The thing is we wanted to apply for resident permit but what I have heard to some Filipinas they all went back to Philippines to apply there online for resident permit and do the biometric in Thailand. I wanted to know is there any chance just to apply here in Sweden for resident permit and not to go back in Philippines? Replies will very much appreciated :)

Yes, you need to go back to the Philippines and do your online application. This has to be done by your bf. We did the same thing. Get your bf to get in contact at Destination Philippines forum. You guys will get a help on how to process. Good luck!

I agree with mellowmelon. Good luck!

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If you extend your schengen visa, do u get an extension of d visa? Residenxe permit for visit? Is this true?

The answer is no, you have to apply from your home country.

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My name is Maria, I am wondering about the personal number in Sweden, I Applied for that number 4 months ago but I am still waitnting for that number here in Gothemburg, my boyfriend is swesish and I am from Spain, we Apply for the number in the inmigration office, can someone advice me about this please?

thank you for the replies. I still have 2 months here and then I'll be back in philippines to apply for residence permit.  I am just wondering how long will it take to get the residence permit after I applied online in my home country?

If ur boyfriend citizen sweden u have to go  back ur country and u have to wait there 8-24 month

Hello crisxxy! you were asking about the waiting time for the approval of a residence permit and my answer is it really depends. It varies and if you are lucky then you can get the response in less than a month. It is written in that the waiting time is 11 month if you apply online and 16 months if you apply by paper. Based on my experience, i was lucky coz i got the desicion in 4 weeks even if i applied thru paper. Good luck!

Hi I'm Mitch from Philippines .. I applied for a residence visa last June 24,2014 . I'm still waiting for a decision now (July 24, 2014). I just want to ask if how long will it takes to get a decision based on your experience? Thank you!

Hi! Any word from your application? I applied a month ago as well.

hi Joy, any update with your application?

The waiting time has changed from 11 months to 14 if you apply online. There seems to be a higher level of application which is why the waiting times have increased.

Make sure all you records are up-to-date.

For instance, If you have been married and are divorced make sure the divorced papers are available.  The interview and the waiting process takes place in your country of residence.

When you apply online you will need to know the closet location of the Swedish immigration office or consulate.

what are the common questions in the interview?

they ask questions that verify the material you stated in your online application.  So be honest and to the point. Relax.  and just answer

Thank you. <3

Done the interview it is more likely how well did you know your fiance or husband,his favorite color...just be honest to the interviewer...I like who interviewed me shes pretty and I ve never been nervous

Donna-lyn :

Done the interview it is more likely how well did you know your fiance or husband,his favorite color...just be honest to the interviewer...I like who interviewed me shes pretty and I ve never been nervous

hi donna! how long was your interview? by the way, when did you submit your application?

Hi miss Donna, Im jane po married to swedish guy..
Can i asked po kung ilang months bago mu nakuha ung residents permit mu?.. And kung anu po ung mga Requirements needed nila?  .. Im planning to apply this september.. Wala pa masyado idea.

Thanks po and goodbless

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Check out the link.

The personummer is pretty essential for life in Sweden. We, my wife and I, now live in France but on a recent check with Skattaverket discovered our numbers are good for life - good to know, bra till vet, as they say. We got our numbers easily by simply visiting our local Tax office (in our case Solleftea in Vaster Norrland) with our passports, house deeds and a few local bills,( electricity/phone/soptip) Within about one month, we had our numbers. This was initially back in about 2006. Good luck. I've heard it is getting slower and more difficult these days and am guessing this is partly because most applications are being centred at cities like Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo etc.

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