working in SA as nanny- can i be a legal expat worker in spain?

Hi. i'm alnija from Philippines working as housemaid (nanny) in saudi arabia. My current sponsor is taking me to Madrid this July for summer vacation. My friends are pushing me to run away cause I'll get a better job and good salary. Is there any chances to be a legal expat worker there ?

You'll enter on a tourist visa.
The moment you run away you'll be an illegal immigrant subject to deportation if found.

What if, in any case I have my passport. Will I have the chance to seek for a working visa?

And does my employer have the right to sue me?
I worked with a Saudi but the wife is Spanish. Her city is in Madrid.

Hello Sleek00

I invite you to read relevant articles from our Living in Spain guide to gather infos about work and visas.

If your current employer from Saudi blacklists you, you will not be able to get in Saudi again.

It is very difficult to get an expat nanny job in Spain, unless you already have some contacts and also have referrals stating how you work.

Why not first look for another employer, then ask a final exit from your sponsor so as to be legal all the way? That may be the best option to consider.

Wish you all the best

Kenjee have the chance after 3 years through amnesty.

Yes. I talked to my employer regarding this. She said; every three years there is amnesty and you can apply for residency but you can only have a passport after 10  years .

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