Retiring in Morocco - Questions about cost of living & Med care

I have an Egyptian friend who has been to the Rabat / Salè area several times. I have visited him in Cairo and liked it there. He tells me I will LOVE Morocco and the people. I believe him. We are meeting there in March 2017.
I am retired and living alone. I have a modest VA pension plus Social Security. I have the usual questions, cost of living and medical care quality lead the list. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Hbillway,

In response to your post I can say that Morocco could be nicer than Egypt in many areas at present (stability, development, living standards..) however, if you are concerned about the healthcare I would not recommend none especially if you need continuous treatment or have special needs. Rabat and Casablanca areas are well equipped when it comes to private clinics /hospitals , but there is a lack of follow-up and greed in the relation patient/practitioner.

for standard healthcare issues there are no big issues reported by foreigners chosing to retire in big cities.

Thank you very much. My health issues are temporary for the most part and I could have them resolved before the move.

    I am considering the same option.
It all depends what your alternatives are. I live in London so my chosen destination of Agadir is warm to hot all year, the cost of living is much lower and with this new seaside resort the living easy.
You can live there for 6 months without paperwork and then it is a simple matter to apply for permanent residence. It is a Muslim country so no problems for men or smokers but speaking some French helps. Arabic even more but I hope to learn in situ. The people are friendly and you get used to the negotiating. That said, once you find the places where the locals shop then  prices are set.
Healthcare is the only worry so medical insurance may be essential.
I would suggest you go for a few weeks and check it out. I loved it.

Hi Clive, is it not 3 months that you can live there without paperwork?

Yes the current regulations are 90 days from first entering Morocco. It helps if you lIve in the north of Morocco and can slip over the border into Ceuta (Spain) to renew it!

I retired here a couple of years ago. It is so different to the UK and you just have to keep an open mind. People are generally very friendly and welcoming, the climate is generally wonderful, the mediterranean coast is largely unknown to Brits and the cost of living is lower, especially the great markets. I have a car but cycle a lot which costs nothing. I also have an annual insurance policy which is cheap and covers everything. I can't ever imagine going back to Brexit Britain on a permanent basis now!

Me and my partner also wish to retire to Morocco...although it won't be for a few years yet.
We love Morocco and usually visit twice a year. We have made many goods friends there.
It is so much cheaper than England...and the weather is much better too.

Hi there, well I hope that you eventually get to retire here and enjoy it! It's very hot here today, about 97f in old money, beach weather too hot to do much else!!

Good morning from casablanca.

in 2015 we came to casa. on our social security .  it will depend on the type you have ssi or ssd.
the reason is because social security states that ssi cant live out of the usa for more then 30 days? something like this. so make sure you have ssd. regarding morocco .. every american gets 3 months free. then if you choose to stay . take your yearly statement and get it translated in to french. then apply . that simple . you will have a interview. they would like a back ground check from your country (i got mine from online) .. they gave me a year. i just recently renewed .. and they gave me 10 years ...

I want to give you a heads up though .. there is no social security section in the embassy  here in morroco . like in egypt. so if you need to coraspound to social security its through phone or france. any paper work can be forwarded through the embassy here to france though .

medical here is pretty cheap . they do have health insurance if you choose that rout . My mother before she died stayed in the hospital for 3 days and then in the ICU for 5 ( yes they have ICU here) and it costed us 5500 dollars. personally i dont like doctors. i belive you have to follow up with all of them even in the states, make sure what they are saying to follows what you are feeling. the medical system here is no diffrent then in america. except the pharmacies and labs. they will close which bothers me to no! end. they will close on holiday. my mom had to wait 4 days beacuse of a holiday.. its stupid. and pharmacies .. they will have one in your area that is open 24-7 mine is about 2 miles . which isnt bad but when your walking? and then you could walk there and that 24-7 pharmacy is closed lol ... like egypt though you can go to the pharmacy and tell them what you want and no perscript is needed.

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