Has anyone been to the Jazz Festival before?

matm911 mentioned in another post that the annual Jazz Festival is on at the end of July.

Has anyone been in previous years? Did you enjoy it?

According to the website, on the evening of July 21st there are free events around Valletta centre - do you know if that has been done in previous years?

There isn't a huge amount of info about location so maybe we will just get the bus in and wander around to see what we find. I'm not sure about buying tickets for the other days until I have a better idea of the type of music and quality of the performers.

I prefer more easy listening/classic style rather than experimental or ad lib!

It is a really, really good festival, world class. Been going three years in a row, going again this year. The free events on the first day are near the City Gate in Valletta and then in front of the court houses in Republic St.

There are YouTube videos of all the artists playing on the website, so you can get an idea. It's mostly jazz jazz though, not lounge/easy listening. If that's what you're after, better go to one of the many bars/restaurants that have regular "jazz" nights (even Café Cordina is starting them now apparently), they are free and the music is more of a sonic background, will not irritate you so much :)

I have been a couple of times. As you say you have to buy tickets for the main event, which is down by the water near Victoria Gate.
If you are happy to be at a distance you can walk along the bastions above and listen from there

On any given night you will get a mixture of performers, and styles. One big name, one middling and one local/amateur/youth probably. The listings are up for this year

As I understand the 21st will be free events and you just show up

If you like jazz you will find plenty all around Malta all year round. Various bars etc have jazz nights, several in Valletta and also elsewhere. Most are free entry, though often venues are small and seating extremely limited

A 2 days standing ticket costs 30 Euro, and it's worth it. You'll always find a place to sit down, you can buy drinks, food and see what you hear.
If you want to save the entrance fee you can also come with a boat and listen to the jazz music while swinging with the waves :-)

Thanks everyone, this is helpful and interesting.

Do you think we'd need to pre-buy tickets? I think what I'd prefer to do is go to the free event and then if we want to hear some more we'd buy tickets for the other days. But I don't know if there would be tickets left to just buy on the day?

We're going to have to fit some flat-hunting in too so I better not plan too much time enjoying myself! 😁

yes, if you want tickets, especially seated you will need to buy ahead. You may get in on standing tickets on the day. People tend to book ahead if they are going

felinefine81 :

We're going to have to fit some flat-hunting in too so I better not plan too much time enjoying myself! 😁

you can't do a lot of flat hunting in the evening ;-)

there is a decent Jazz at il gabbana in fond ghadir on Tuesdays during all summer until october. enjoy!

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