Leisure public facility info in Riyadh


I'm expat stayed in Jeddah since 2007, now I will be moving for my new job on July 2016 at Olaya District, Riyadh.
Anyone can share an info where is the public facility for leisure in Riyadh?


Public Leisure Facilities in Riyadh are many - various parks like King Abdullah Park, Salam Park, Nahda Park , Malaz Zoo
Historical & Other Attractions :Diriyah Palace, Masmak Fort and the National Museum, King Fahad National Library

However dont expect the same as in Jeddah.

Kindly explain why? what do u mean by that?

Thank u.

Jeddah is more open and tolerant when compared to Riyadh.

Jeddah is certainly more tolerant. But it depends on what exactly are these "public facility for leisure" that you're looking for?  :unsure

HRGuru :

Jeddah is more open and tolerant when compared to Riyadh.


Not just tolerant, both cities has it's own benefits.

But yea good luck OP

Suitable place for me, my son and my housemaid, basicly cozy family playground but not mall, bored already with that ;)

All good areas (like Olaya) have small green parks in them. But you can't call them 'cozy'.

You may consider buying health centers kids membership in hotels like that in Holiday Inn Izdihar.

If transportation would be easy, do consider

and it's not just about malls, attitude of people, behaviour, policies etc.

Me also have many memories from jeddah.
i am also new here in Riyadh .  from last 13 years i stay jeddah just 1st June 2016 i move in Riyadh
Riyadh is very different from jeddah
Jeddah is best

HI if you need futher assistance we can help you

@ Fricky g > Can you please be more specific? Maybe you can participate on this topic and share some information about leisure public facility.


Priscilla  :cheers:

They try 2 say Jeddah has more freedom than here n Riyadh
About men & women ..

you will miss Jeddah badly
The way i missed Dammam
U can go to same cornish every day
But u cant go to same park more then Thrice.

Not Sure what you are looking for, but it is a pleasure to meet you. May i welcome you here, and hope your new job is blessed.....

My name is Dennis, and I work at the Airport Industrial area... Live in Quassim area...

If you need any thing...hit me up here **

I Facebook Messenger or whats app as well

Welcome my friend

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