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Since I will be staying a month in Mauritius I will definitely need some internet connection. Is it easy to get a mobile sim card with internet access? Is the connection speed good? Are there any carriers that would recommend?

Thanks a lot to the community!


hey, that will be no problem at all, both orange and emtel have good connection though i prefer the emtel sim card and its data packages and it has a good signal connection

Hey Abby,

Thank you so much for your reply, this will be very useful!

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It isn't possible to walk into any old shop and pick up a sim card though. You will have to go to an Orange / Emtel shop and show them your passport. They log it against the sim card for some reason.

Hey Qb,

You are right! I got my Sim card at an orange office in Curepipe. All is well, thanks!


Welcome to Mauritius and I hope you have an enjoyable stay!!


Thanks Vedan!  :D

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