I am from Europe, Greece and I want to move in China Shenzhen

Hi there friends!
Any European or Greek that knows the laws about moving and stay in China for good?
I'm going for one month in two weeks and considering to stay there...
Thanks anyways!

Hi do you have a job in China or just for retirement? I can help you to find apartment if you don't mind. I am here for 20 years already.

Hi, thanks for reply!
Yes, I will come from 20 June-20 July at the moment.
Can you suggest appartment not so far form the basic SZ areas?
Or even a private room,

Hi, if you need to stay in China, you need first time with 22 days valid Visa for entry. After that you can apply locally in China for multiple visa of 90 or 60 days. It is not difficult to do so. Thus, no problem for you to stay in Shenzhen.
Regarding the apartment, what is your budget? For small unit where the location is within the Shenzhen basic area, it is about RMB4500-5000 per unit of about 50m2 with fully furnished.

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If your English is good, you chances are good to find a job here, but to work in China you will need a work Visa, which you cannot get in China. There are some people working on business Visas, but this is illegal, and can get you in big trouble if detected.

For a temporary residence you could try Airbnb or similar websites, that might be the cheapest option. But be aware that if you don't stay in a Hotel, you will need to go to the Police office and register your address within 24h after arrival. I know people who later didn't get the desired Visa ( e.g. only 3months instead of 1 year ), because they didn't register in time. If you stay in a Hotel, the Hotel will do this for you.

Hey, thanks big time!
I am going for 1 month this time,
but I am seriously interested for
staying for good!
I have a job, I'm working online.
Nice to meet you, and thanks for
the detailed description!
I 'll be staying in Sheku area in a few days,
let's have a tea together sometime!

I've sent you a private message.

Unless things have changed you need to find employment with an organisation registered to employ foreigners. You will be provided with a Z visa which will be replaced with a working/residence visa after you arrive. This visa is only valid with that employer (unless they agree to transfer it). You must have the Z visa before entering China. Jobs are limited because they can only employ foreigners with a special skill (ie one that a Chinese national cannot do).  Basically this is teaching your native language. Alternatively you can invest a small fortune starting a business employing Chinese, or marry a Chinese lady (but then you cannot work).

Thanks very much my friend, actually I'm here in SZ now, but only allowed to stay for a month

Meaning that Greeks aren't Europeans? Anyway, if you want to contact me my wechat id is athraustos

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