Moving to shenzhen in a month need guidance

I am an Indian girl moving to shenzhen for job. Before I move there I want to know which areas in the city are safest to live and also with quick access to facilities. Also one of my concerns is that. Will it be possible for me to find a vegetarian flat mate?


I wanted to reply for your message when I saw – a vegetarian moving to Shenzhen :)  Alright!

Shenzhen is a safe city. Speaking of local facilities, I presume you mean transport, restaurants and expats living district then I think any one of these districts (Futian, Luohu and Nashan) might be a good choice. It’s better to find an apartment near to your office. I’m a vegetarian. I rented an individual apartment. It is hard to find a vegetarian flat mate but not impossible. You should look around after you come to Shenzhen or before through any forum. You may find out. If not, the best choice would be finding an individual apartment.

Shekou is very western with many bars and restaurants. I'm personally not Kean on Luoho as its very crowded and lots of professional pick pockets.
I found it hard looking for an apartment, I looked remotely before I came but most are not what the seem in the pictures. Best to sort that in person, through an agent when you get here.
Transport is very good with lots of buses and subway system, however like Karthik said it is better to get an apartment near your work, its a big city and you can waste a lot of time travelling.
All the best with the new job.

Depend on where is your job.  Actually Shenzhen is a safe city,people are all very nice. Normally these districts are more conveniet (Futian, Luohu and Nashan). Our transportation is good. Shenzhen Metro、buses、taxi、everywhere. If you want to rent a house. First you should know where is your job area, second you should know how much salary you can have. Because in Futian,Nashan the city center for renting a place is very expensive~~
I am born and grow up in Shenzhen~~ I am Bella~  welcome you to Shenzhen

Really hard to find pure vegetarian room way is to find such people in Veg restaurants(there are a few Chinese local veg restaurants, mostly under Buddhist influence )
it's better to cook by yourself..for indian veg.

I stayed in India for 4 years and i mostly cook myself.

Hi Bella, I am Wang Qi from Singapore and now am considering an expat job working in Shekou. I have been to Shekou previously for some business trip but still need some advice on the living cost in Shekou. Could you share with me based on your experience, what would be an average rental fee of and 3+1 apartment in Shekou area with GYM and swimming pool and 24 hour security guard?

singh are you in shenzhen now

you must decide to live as per job convenient, i dont prefer to be in lohu its to much crowdy and not good, nanshan, futian, sekhou, is good place but will be expensive, if you want go for cheap living to longhua i have some wechat they rent house and good house in longhua. metro is very convenient in shenzhen almost you can find in all place if you see the map is live spider web, bus, taxi is also very good frequently available even at mid night also,
for room partner you can find but after you start living here then you can find
but i am not sure about vegetarian.

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