Marriage registration in Nepal

Can ANYONE please tell me the process of registering a Temple wedding NOT having a COURT wedding at the CDO

Im British ...Partner Nepalese having a hindu temple wedding only want to register the wedding

What documents will i need to bring with me IF ANY as wont be civil marriage ?


To be honest, I highly doubt it is possible to register a religious marriage anywhere.
Normally it's a civil marriage which needs to be registered, and which would give a foreigner in Nepal some rights. Not the religious marriage ...

Hi, Friends, are you in Nepal or where? ***

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The Nepali will need his/her citizenship paper. You need permission from your embassy to marry and your passport. You may need to bring divorce papers if you were married previously or death certificate, but I'm not sure about this one. You should have copies of everything but bring the originals. You will also need to have passport sized pictures.

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