Guitar and Wing Chun in Riyadh

Hi dear friends,

I am writing to you from Turkey at the moment. Within two months, I will be working in Riyadh as international purchaser. I just became 29.

I am keep checking many sites everyday to prepare myself as much as I can. There are always questions left for sure. My first goal is to learn Arabic but for hobbies; I'd like to keep practicing guitar and wing chun. So, any answer to get lessons for classical guitar (flamenco if possible) and wing chun would be perfect.

I kept this post very long. I also want to add that I will be new there and, I am looking forward to meet new friends as expats and locals, male-female. Yet, I am not sure how to be friend with females there. As I see, no new expat is sure. I want to meet you, attend events and have fun respectfully there.

Feel free to message me to contact.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Polluxhtc and welcome to the forum of

I invite you to drop an advert in the Classes in Riyadh in the Music Classes and the Sports Classes field to increase your chances to find tutoring for Wing Chun and Guitar.

To meet friends, you could always participate on the threads of the Networking in Riyadh forum section.


Have you moved an settled into life in HCMC? Are you still looking for Wing Chun? If so drop me a message

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