Sharm El Sheikh resident visa /multi entry visa

This is to inform all people that like to come and stay on Sharm El Sheikh as residents,no tourist,should get a 25u.s.$ vida and with passport,pics,form require 6 months resident visa.
But if you travel during these six months out of Sharm El Sheikh,your visa expire and you have make all again.
Now my question is,why Egyptian authorities don't make the one year visa for old age expatriate that like to stay in Sharm El Sheikh and spend there money? Tunisia is done a special visa to senior expatriate that show rental house agreement,bank account in Tunisia,passport valid,after all the senior expatriate are in love with Egypt and will be the first to protect.

you can come for 6 months , then you can renew your visa at Ministry of Foreign Affairs , i know some people do that

Yes Karem,you are right but if I go out from Egypty,my six month visa expire and ehen I come back I have to buy new stamp 25 u.s.$ and go to ask new six month visa and if I like to travel for pleasure out of Egypt,again ehen I come back same story.....I think that will be much better to charge 1000 le. for each year visa and let people travel.

yeah you are right , if you didn't solve it , you should call your embassy here , and they they will solve it for sure , they know better than us

You need intelligence to think of that, and dont forget that Egypt no longer welcomes tourists either has resident or 2 week stayers. If they did they would make a show on the stupid inconsistancies on the visas, and tell all what its upto and what its about!! Some get 3 months some get 6 months others get a year and no one want to explain, and no one cares anymore.

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