Accomodation and schools, help please

Hello, we are in the process of relocating from Edinburgh and hope to be in Malta by the end of July, we are trying to source a long term let in Marsascala and wondered if anyone can recommend a good agent?

We will be relocating with our children (daughter age 9 & son age 2) and wondered if anyone has experience of St Thomas College - that seems to be the local primary school I've been trying to contact them but the emails I'm sending keep bouncing back, is there any other schools in the area?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Every post about housing here comes to the same outcome. You simply cannot and will not find a place before you are actually here and you should not because you need to see the area

Every post about this topic suggests you should rent a airbnb for 2 weeks and find a place while here. Probably a bit touch and go in July but zero chance of doing it otherwise.

Hi there,

I agree with volcane, and even more than the area, you need to see the place itself before you decide on a place, photos don't tell you the full story, we viewed one place that looked nice in the pictures in the ad and turned out to be a real shabby, filthy, mouldy place next to a busy road in reality...

As for the emails... my experience is that at least for first contact it's often easier to call, as often Maltese companies, schools etc don't even bother to reply to mails by people they don't know... But g I say, that's just my experience..

Good luck with the move!


Thanks for the replies, can I just clarify I wasn't looking to find my ideal property online I was only asking if anyone could recommend an agent, we will be in Malta for a few days in a couple of weeks to have a good look around and hope to sort a few things out then and I'll start making a few phone calls instead of emailing thanks for your good wishes.


Hi Vikki

My husband and I are also moving over from Scotland in July although won't be staying in the area you want. We don't have kids so I can't comment on schools, but thought you'd like to know our experience of dealing with agents in the run up to our move.

When we first decided to move, we contacted various agents looking for info on areas, timing of securing properties etc. Our experience is that you will get limited or no replies from most of them. They don't seem to be interested until you are actually in the country.

I was ignored by Simon Mamo and Bel Air, and only got some basic info from Frank Salt. The one agent who has helped was from Quick Lets, so that will probably be who we use when we move.

I've also joined a few Facebook groups as this seems to be a good way to find properties which are actually on the market. They fill up your newsfeed though!

I've got more info including the link to FB groups on my blog if you're interested …

It seems like we have had similar experiences! I've just read your blog, it's great really informative, I will keep an eye on it. Thanks for replying

Re agents: we went to the Frank Salt branch in Marsascala, the not so friendly lady took our details and said she would call us if there was anything available. That was in February, never heard from her again.. We had good experience - i.e. a friendly and helpful agent with quicklets. And a very good agent from dhalia, but that was the xemxia branch.. In the end we took a flat with an agent from forrentinmalta - but there the real argument was the price, not the agent

My vote is with quicklets - the other lazy lot can't even bother keep their site up to date making it much harder for you. Why support them?

Quicklets are normal casual humans and does a great service.

I contacted quicklets at the end of last week and 2 agents have now got back to me, thanks for the advice.

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