Business Visa: recommended for future activity?

Hi everyone,

I'm planning on moving from Bangkok, where I've been living for 4 years, to HCMC in the next few months, looking for business opportunities.

As far as I've read on other posts, a 1-year Business visa would be advisable rather than a tourist visa, although not imperative. Since I don't have a business partner in Vietnam yet, I would have to get the Business visa through an agency, which is fine.

My question is: when the time comes to actually start my own business, will this visa help me at all? Does it allow me to open a business any more than a tourist visa would? I guess what I'm wondering is what is really the purpose of this visa -"business" seems so vague.

If you guys have other recommendations, that'd be great as well.

Thank you all!

That visa doesn't allow you much at all, it used to be a visa for someone who was being sponsored by a business here. You will generally need a VN partner to jump through all the hoops, my advice is to be careful as business is difficult here.

More detailed information can be found here:Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Law No. 47/2014/QH13 on 16 June 2014

In my experience extending visas (in country) has been easier with a business visa (DN), while tourist visas (DL) often need to leave the country. The business visa is supposed to allow for transfer to work visa (LD) or investor visa (DT), in country. In theory, the business visa should allow you to do more in country.

All the information you collect may be worthless in the eyes of any random government official. It does not matter if the information is directly from a government office, the government officials will make any decision they want.

If you plan to do business here, you might as well get a business visa, I find the small additional cost to be helpful. If you do not care about traveling to another country and returning, then go for what suits you economically.

Good luck!

Totally agree.

Sounds great! Thank you. I too think it's always better to take the easiest route if the price difference is not considerable. Thanks guys!

Hi, JByron
Welcome to Vietnam in next time ^^,

I think you may need more advice and more realistic.
I do not know much about the field, but my friend can help you. She is strong legal knowlegde and is a lawyer in HCMC.
If you want, you can send some questions via her email:  **
she is very friendly, you can add friend with her.

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Thank you Linty... could you send me a PM with the info?


to say "business is difficult here" is stating the obvious as its difficult in all S E Asia. however its possible if you are business savvy. most non business people regard business as "difficult" and risky and usually work for someone who chose to get over the issues and became successful. Vietnam is changing and becoming slowly simpler but I consider it simpler than Thailand and not so rigged against the foreigner  as Thailand where I had 200 staff and many headaches.
I also have business interests in Spain which is just as difficult and the reason for Spain's mass unemployment.
If you have something to offer and acumen don't be put off and ride the waves, you should be already accustomed in some regard to S E A with your time in Thailand.
careful who you trust (as always).
good luck

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